Two eclipses in September – 1 solar eclipse


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We are having two eclipses in September 2015. Eclipses happen when the moon, sun and earth are all aligned. The first one was this morning; Sunday 13th September at 7;55am BST and was a partial solar eclipse. This happens when the moon is between the earth and the sun, and the moon obscures the sun from earth.

solar eclipse_diagram

Depending on the angle we can have a total eclipse where the moon is exactly in the right position to block out the sun completely, or we can have partial eclipses where the moon blocks out part of the sun. On September 13th the moon covered a maximum of 30% of the sun as seen from the earth. This spectacle was not visible in Europe and could only be seen in the Southern Hemisphere; from South Africa,Madagascar, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, the Atlantic and Indian Ocean and the Northern part of Antarctica.

partial solar eclipse 2014

 A partial solar eclipse over the USA October 22nd 2014

However, although we couldn’t see this event in the UK it still has an influence astrologically. This eclipse is on a new moon (solar eclipses always are) in health conscious, analytical Virgo and opposite Chiron, the wounded healer in Pisces, a very spiritual, universal sign. Solar eclipses are a time for endings and new beginnings. So this eclipse suggests a time of healing and release.

The next one is in two weeks time and is a lunar eclipse with the moon in energetic Aries and the sun in balanced Libra. See my next post for details..


In pursuit of the ‘blue moon’.

HI there,

I went looking for the blue moon and am fortunate to live in the sticks so I soon found it. My short walk up the lane was rewarded with a wonderful view of a beautiful luminous golden moon rising. I love watching the moon and always get a buzz when I spot it, definitely a magical moment.


   Blue Moon July 31st 2015

Talking of magic, my son and I followed the popular interactive art trail in Norwich and went in search of dragons. There are 84 GoGo Dragons dotted all around the city which have all been decorated by different artists and sponsored by local businesses in aid of Break a children’s charity. The dragons are beautiful; very varied and great to search for, we had fun. Two of my favourites are;

Dragon Fly by Ross White in the Forum

dragonfly gogodragon

dreamland gogodragonand  Dream Land  by Hannah Nelson in Castle Mall.

If you are in Norfolk why not go on a dragon hunt too?