Blue Moon tonight

Hi there

Tonight we will have a blue moon rising at 8.32 pm.Sorry to disappoint; – it is not actually blue, but I couldn’t resist the picture!

wallpaper11bluemoonThe term ‘blue moon’ is  used to describe the second full moon in a calendar month. The previous full moon was on July 2nd, hence, tonight’s is ‘blue’.

This definition is quite a new one, apparently a ‘blue moon’ was originally the 3rd of four in a season. Most years there are 3 full moons in a season; spring, summer, autumn and winter, however, occasionally there are four and when that happens, the 3rd (not the 4th) full moon is classed ‘blue’. The newer and easier to detect definition originally came about through a mistake but has been widely accepted. However, as is the way of these things there is confusion and disagreement!

The next blue moon by the monthly method is on January 31st 2018 and by the seasonal method is May 21st 2016. So what out of the ordinary thing shall we do today?

Astrologically the moon is in Aquarius the sign of the new and different   suggesting an opportunity for breakthrough and change, particularity in our wider society. I’m going to have a look for the moon, last night it was lovely, as we had a clear evening sky in Norfolk after all that rain in the day.

Happy moon watching!



Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo


Hi there

Weather permitting, tonight, 1st July is a great night for planet spotting; there is a beautiful display of Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo clearly visible in the Western sky just after sunset. Venus is the brightest of the two planets (apart from the sun and moon it is the brightest natural object in our sky) and Jupiter is slightly above it.

Added to that there is a full moon in Capricorn rising just before sunset. (It reaches fullness at 3.21am BST Thursday) Let’s hope for a clear night! Last night, here in Norfolk, we were very fortunate and had a cloudless sky and a fantastic view. I’ve been watching Jupiter and Venus slowly draw closer together over the months; this is partly due to my regular trips up the lane to shut up my chickens at dusk; an ideal time to see planets.

Astrologically, Venus planet of love, beauty and affection is placed in the regal sign of Leo which is ruled by the sun. This suggests that it is a great time for socialising, enjoying ourselves and appreciating art and beauty. Jupiter is the king of planets, it is a gas giant and the largest planet in our solar system. Astrologically it expands and increases the qualities of any planet it aspects. Therefore the call to have fun is upon us; summer is the season for sunbathing (Venus and Jupiter are in Leo, ruled by the sun!) BBQs, festivals, holidays and  parties. However, Jupiter can get carried away so overindulgence could be a possibility, unless one exercises some caution.

There are indications that this cautious energy is available to us; over the next two days the moon is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, planet of good sense and boundaries. Longer term Saturn is in Scorpio making a challenging square to the potentially over exuberant conjunction in Leo. Venus will be moving into careful, conscientious Virgo on 18th July so things may take a more serious note after that. Meanwhile, I’m going to have some fun and not too much ice-cream!