Astrologer’s Diary week 1- 5th to 10th November


As from today, Monday 5th November, (bonfire night when things go with a bang,)I am starting a new feature, my astrologer’s diary where I write  about astrology each day. I also publish this on my Facebook page.  

So here we go! Today is bonfire night and the moon is in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony. It is waning and very near the end of its monthly cycle. This is the time of the month for endings and preparing for a new moon which this month is in Scorpio and falls on Wednesday. It also coincides with the Autumn which is clearly a time to remove the old. For the last few weeks our neighbours have been doing just that! They have been clearing a plot of land opposite our house. It has been overgrown for years but now the old is being removed big style.They have been working very hard with chain saws and diggers in all weathers to do all this. They landed up with an enormous pile of wood and brush to burn so they decided to make a party of it and invite the locals to join in. We went along and enjoyed the evening. They had fireworks, marshmallows and plenty of booze. It was great! The fire was HUGE, infact it is still smoldering now. I love big fires, all that energy! I am always the one who gets very smoky as I just can’t help getting up as close as I can to it. My late father in law used to call me a ‘kleptomaniac’ (it was his joke yeh yeh I know it is pyromaniac!) Anyway, fire changes, transforms and removes and as I burnt my manky garden canes I promised myself to clear away procrastination so I can embrace my astrology career.

Tuesday 6th November-
Day two and it’s the last day of this moon cycle or lunar month which started on the 9th October with a new moon in Libra. It is nice to look back over the past month and it has been a good month for me. For the past year I have been marking the new moons by focusing on a planet a month. This October I focused on Jupiter, planet of expansion and luck. This month I had a lucky break in that I contacted a local magazine ‘Let”s Talk’ and I am going to be featured in their January issue and then am writing a regular monthly astrology column ‘Star Talk’. I am really excited about this!
Wednesday 7th November
This afternoon there is a new moon in Scorpio. New moons occur when the moon and the sun are at the same degree in the sky. The moon is not visible as it is too close to the sun but will become visible over the next couple of days. New moons occur each month and are time of new beginnings. Astrologically, Scorpio is the sign of rebirth ad regeneration. Scorpios are strong, courageous and determined. They are also creative and usually aware that sometimes you need to get rid of that which is old and worn out in order to allow room for the new. So this is a time to summon our strength to create something new.
This is the astrological chart for the time of the new moon. On the left the words ASC mean ascendant and show the Eastern horizon. So all the planets in the top half of the circle are above the horizon. The far right of the chart has the word DSC and is the descendant, the Western horizon where all the planets set. The two symbols close to the horizon are the sun and the moon close together and just about to set.
On a personal level, as it is a new month I am focusing on a new planetary energy. Last month I focused on lucky Jupiter. This month, I am focusing on Mars, the definitive male energy, he does have a bit of a reputation, he was the Roman god of war. However, he was also an agricultural guardian and represented military power for a purpose, to create a peaceful and secure homeland. He symbolises passion, action and courage and is the joint ruler of Scorpio. So here goes, summoning my courage to do new things! I’ve started posting on instagram…!

Thursday 8th November

On Tuesday I mentioned that Uranus the planet of surprises and change had moved back into Aries. Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the sun so spends about 7 years in each zodiac sign. It first moved into Aries back in March 2011. Then in May of this year it made its first steps into Taurus. In August it started retrograding (appearing to go backwards) and on 6th November moved back into Aries. It goes direct in early 2019 and finally leaves Aries for good- well another 84 years on March 7, 2019. It then makes its way through Taurus, the sign of food and comfort and tradition. Uranus always brings change and it is good to look back to 2011 to see what changes have occurred when it has been in Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it is fast, active and independent and loves the new. Uranus is also about new trends and technology in particular. In the last 7 years the rise in technology in general and smart phones in particular has been very rapid. A lot of social media is very instant and visual. This has changed the way people interact. The rise in technology has also lead to an increase of small businesses and homeworking. People are doing things in their own way! We have a few more months of Uranus in Aries so now is the chance to express yourself if you haven’t quite got round to it.

Saturday 10th November 

Uh oh, better late than never for day six. I have had a treat today, I have been on the back of a motorbike- a big one too- 900cc. Sara and Steve took me out for a ride, Sara rode her bike and Steve got the short straw with me on the back. It had been a very long time since I’d been on a bike- (say it quickly) 30 years. I balanced OK and held on fine, the worst bit was trying to get off! My legs had gone a bit stiff, I am sure I was more agile when I was 21. We had a nice trip round the twisty Norfolk lanes and went on one straight bit. When it comes to astrology, I am focusing on Mars this month and motorbikes, being fast, are ruled by Mars so that was a good bit of synchronicity. Thank you to Sara and Steve for a great trip out and a chance to relive my youth.