Parties and Talks

Astrology Parties and Talks.

Are you looking for something different and fun? Then I may have just the thing for you!  I run astrology themed parties where I come to your home for a fun and entertaining evening of astrology for you and your guests. I also talk to local groups about astrology.

See below for more details.


Astrology Parties

You supply the refreshments and I’ll bring the astrology!


Why not get a group of friends together at your place for an astrological evening.

After a fun introduction and astro party games all guests have a short reading with the choice of a Birth Chart or Astro-Cards.

£25 per guest

The hostess gets a full reading at a pre-arranged time within 3 months of the party.

For 4-6 paying guests

TALKS – I give astrology themed talks in Norfolk and the surrounding counties of Suffolk, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire to local groups.

You can find me online at The Public Speakers’ Corner.This is a great website run by Dianne Mannering who is a speaker herself and who advertises a great range of speakers for all occasions nationwide.


I have a lap top which links in to digital projectors.

My talks are illustrated using Power Point and last around 45- minutes to an hour and can be adapted to suit your requirements.


My fee is £50 within 20 miles of my home in Foulsham, Norfolk, NR20 and  travelling expenses are required for anywhere outside this area.

I am happy to travel within 60 miles of Foulsham.  If your venue is farther afield than that, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

1 Zip round the Zodiac – Do you know your Aries from your Pisces?

A light hearted talk about the personality traits of each sign of the zodiac. There are twelve signs of the Zodiac all with their signature characteristics. Which one are you? Maybe you are an impatient Aries, a determined Taurus, a home loving Cancer or an individualistic Aquarius to name but a few!

2 The Mysterious Moon; its folklore, myths and customs

The moon has entranced humans for millennia.

Find out more about her cycles and the mythology and astrology connected to them.

3 The Power we are born with – Living with your birth chart.

The birth chart is a powerful tool for self discovery. I give a step by step talk on how to read a birth chart using examples. An astrological chart is a representational map of the heavens for any given time and place. As we are all born at different times and places, each one of us is unique. The planets and their relationship to each other all have symbolic meanings which when unlocked give a picture of the potential within each of us.


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Disclaimer – The information provided in your astrological consultation is subject to your own personal interpretation and the information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical or financial advice. The client receiving the astrological reading is responsible for all of their own choices and / or actions