Astrologer’s Diary – Sunday 28th April to Saturday 4th May

Saturday 4th May

Late tonight we have a new moon in Taurus. This marks the beginning of a new phase.

I must admit over the last couple of weeks or so, I have not been writing as often as I normally do. So this month I hope to use some Taurean determination and focus to write every day. Do you have any plans for this Taurus new moon?

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Tuesday 30th April 2019 
Early this morning, Saturn, planet of responsibility, age, wisdom and restriction goes retrograde. It is conjunct – up close and personal to Pluto, planet of change and rebirth in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto turned retrograde a few days ago on the 24th April.  Saturn will be retrograde until 18th September 2019. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn so it is very much at home in this sign. However, this energy can feel a bit heavy and hard work at times.
With both Pluto and Saturn retrograde, structures will have to change, rules and laws, management and governments will need to review their plans and reform that which is not working.
This re assessment can also apply to us individuals, this is a time to restructure things that are not working. This will take time, patience and effort, but should be worth it in the end. 

Astrologer’s Diary – Sunday 21st to Saturday 27th April

Wednesday 24th April 2019 

Today Pluto, planet of change and transformation, Greek god of the underworld goes retrograde. This means it appears to go backwards in the sky. This retrograde period lasts until October 3rd 2019. Pluto is very slow moving, it takes 248 years to go round the sun, and is in Capricorn, where it has been since late 2008. When Pluto is in Capricorn we are having to cahnge our structures, our government, our business practices, all things ruled by Capricorn. This sign is also about taking responsibility, so when Pluto is moving backwards in Capricorn it is a time when issues of the past may re emerge and we may need to deal with them in a responsible way, not always easy…



Tuesday 23rd April 2019

I’ve sorted out the details for  May’s meeting of The Norfolk Astrological association which is on Saturday 4th May 2019 at 1.45pm – 3.45pm. This month we are meeting at Claire’s house in Foulsham, because Guist Post Office cafe is closing at 2pm due to the Bank Holiday.

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All astrology lovers welcome.

If you would like to join us, please PM  Norfolk Astrological Association or Claire Manion on Facebook or email for the address.

Claire is discussing the Sumerian myth of Inanna’s descent into The Great Below to meet her sister Ereshkigal. The charts we will be looking at are those of Samuel Noah Kramer the Sumerian scholar and Diane Wolkstein the folklorist and story teller who worked together to produce that seminal work;
Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth: Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer published in 1983

This brought Inanna and her dark sister Ereshkigal back into the light.

Chart details
1 Samuel Noah Kramer 28th September 1897 Zhashkir near Uman Ukraine. No birth time so please use a flat chart 12.00

2 Diane Wolkstein 11 November 1942 18.27 Newark New Jersey USA

3 Initial meeting of Kramer and Wolkstein – 8th November 1979 at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA. No time so I have gone for 9am. Kramer was giving a talk about Inanna that day and he invited Wolkstein to meet him and to attend the talk.

4 Date of publication of book 8th August 1983 9am New York USA

We will look at the myth of Lilith and the different astrological Liliths the next time it is my turn to run a session, Claire

Sunday 21st April

Happy Easter. I hope you are having a good one. Easter is really late this year, and it is all down to the moon. The church calculates Easter as the first Sunday after the full moon after the Spring Equinox. This year the Spring Equinox was early, it varies slightly each year, and it fell on the evening of 20th March- and March’s full moon was a few hours later, in the early hours of March 21st. Now you would think that Easter would have fallen really early on the following Sunday March 24th, but not so! This is because to avoid confusion the church states that the date for the Spring Equinox is 21st March. Therefore, this made this year’s April full moon on Friday 20th April the first full moon after the 21st March. This full moon is known as the Paschal Moon because the first Sunday following this moon is Easter Sunday. Next year, in 2020, Easter Sunday will be April 12th with the Paschal moon falling on April 8th. Right, after all that, I’m off to nick a bit of my son’s Easter Egg. The Easter bunny forgot me on his rounds! 😉
The eggs in the photo are from our hens and I was in an artistic mood this morning!

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Sunday 14th April 2019- Saturday 20th April 2019

Saturday 20th April 2019

Last night, I had a successful moon hunting session. I took my son along, he decided that it was preferable to helping his dad do the washing up! We went up our lane which heads East and opens out onto some fields, just as my son was beginning to doubt my timing the moon rose, pale and pink above the trees. I’m always impressed by how huge it looks on the horizon and how fast it moves. By the way, talking about the fast moving moon, it is now in Scorpio, it just manged to be full in the last degree of Libra before moving into Scorpio at 1.42 yesterday afternoon.

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Today is a busy day astrologically. Firstly, this morning, the sun moved out of Aries into sensual earth sign Taurus. Then this afternoon, Venus, the planet of love and attraction and ruler of Taurus, moves from soft dreamy idealistic Pisces into neighbouring Aries. Here it joins Mercury which made the same move earlier in the week. Two planets moving into Aries ups the tempo this is because Aries is ruled by energetic passionate planet, Mars.

There is a quite a strong Venus and Mars link going on at the moment, as Mars is in Taurus and Venus is in Aries, so they are in each other’s signs. Astrologers call this mutual reception. Nature is certainly moving very fast at the moment, everything is growing and blossoming like mad, making the most of all this lovely sunshine. So this is a good time to act and do, I have been planting seeds this afternoon to put on my windowsill to germinate. This apple blossom in our garden came out yesterday in the warmth- apples are associated with the goddess Venus. Hope you have time to enjoy this beautiful season.

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Friday 19th April 2019

Did you see the moon last night? Wow it was so bright. It is full this lunch time at 12.12 BST. This full moon is unusual as it is the second Aries Libra full moon in a row. The first one was on March 21st just after the spring Equinox when the sun was just into Aries and the moon was just into Libra. This one is right at the end of the Aries Libra axis with the moon at Libra at 29 degrees. (there are thirty degrees of each sign).

Aries and Libra are both proactive cardinal signs, but they are opposites; Aries is about the self and Libra is about the other. So this axis is one of balancing our needs and actions in relation to others.

If you set any intentions a month ago on the spring equinox now is a good time to look at them and decide if you are on track and take action if necessary. I find this very useful as I am a distractible Sagittarius who needs to keep focused!

I hope you are enjoying your Easter bank holiday, if you
are lucky enough to have a few days off. The weather’s fab here in Norfolk. With a bit of luck the sky should be clear allowing us to see the moon rise. Look to the Eastern horizon just after sunset, here in Norfolk the sun sets at 8 pm and the moon rises at 8.01pm, should be good!
Photo from

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Wednesday 17th April

Today, Mercury planet of communication gets a bit of a boost. At 7.13 am this morning it moved into the sign of energetic go getting Aries. It has been in dreamy, vague Pisces since the 10th of February, this is a long time for Mercury to be in one sign, as it is the fastest planet in the solar system. The reason it was in Pisces for so long was that it went retrograde and back tracked through the sky then turned round and retraced its steps, all in Pisces. So , if communication has been a bit confused and unfocused for a while, things should be speeding up and getting clearer.

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Sunday 14th April 2019

May’s edition of Let’s Talk is out and it is special as it is their 200th anniversary.They have been going since 2002 which is a great achievement. There are two double page spreads of the celebration which I attended and really enjoyed. I’m lurking at the back of the group photo suffering from shiny glasses syndrome.Uh Oh. 😉

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Astrologer’s Diary Sunday 7th April – Saturday 13th April

Friday 12th April 2019

Today has been a productive day. Gini Harrison and I have been planning our next Yoga and astrology workshop. This will be at the lovely Kelling Studio at 9.30am to 1pm on Saturday 22nd June. Booking is essential as places are limited so please get in touch to secure a place.

Broad Sky Astrology's photo.

Tuesday April 10th 2019

Today, Jupiter, planet of expansion, luck and growth turns retrograde at 24 degrees of Sagittarius. Jupiter moved into its own sign Sagittarius, in November of last year and has been lending us a boost since then. The thing with this placement is that situations can easily get over inflated and we may get carried away…. However, when Jupiter turns retrograde, the inflation slows down allowing the truth to come to light. Jupiter’s retrograde period lasts from today until August 11th. Time for some introspection perhaps.

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Sunday 7th April 2019

Yesterday’s meeting of the Norfolk Astrological Association went off well. Thank you to Liam for providing us with the birth chart of Alan Watts who wrote the book The Way of Zen in 1957 and popularised Eastern philosophy in the West.We all enjoyed this session.

Astrologer’s Diary Sunday 31st March- Saturday 6th April

Friday 5th April

Today we have a New moon in Aries, so this is a great time for new beginnings and to start something. I’m going to out in the allotment to start preparing the poly-tunnel for the upcoming growing season. Gloves and lady fork at the ready!

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Thursday 4th April 2019

This afternoon, I did a talk A Zip Round the Zodiac to Holt Probus club at The Feathers Hotel. I think (and hope) that the group enjoyed the talk. We were all pleased that my lap top and their projector managed to communicate with each other so we had an illustrated talk. I do like it when technology works! Thank you to everyone at Holt Probus club for inviting me to speak and making me so welcome.

Wednesday 3rd April

So did you get caught out on Monday by the April foolers? My hubby tried to trick me into believing they were building an underpass at our local Tesco so they were closed. By some miracle, I twigged, I am normally quite gullible! We didn’t prank our son, he was in too much of a teenage morning state, so we decided to be kind to him.

I am looking forward to doing a talk tomorrow ‘A Zip Round the Zodiac’ in Holt, Norfolk which is quite close to me. I am just making sure my shoes are clean for the occasion and that I have everything ready.

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Monday 1st April

Happy April Fool’s Day! Look out for the trickster today! Mars, planet of action moved into quick witted, airy Gemini yesterday. This is a very fast and furious placement. Also, Mercury, ruler of Gemini and planet of communication is in Pisces, sign of illusion and deception. So watch out!

The origins of April Fool’s day are not totally clear, but there is one theory that it is down to the time of the celebration of the new year. In the UK the new year used to start on April 1st, this was out of sync with the rest of Europe, so in 1752 it was changed to January 1st. The story goes that some people were reluctant to change and still celebrated it on April the 1st, those who still clung to the old ways were classed as April Fools! Whatever the origins, have fun and watch out for the tricksters this morning.

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Astrologer’s Diary Sunday 24th March- Saturday 30th March

Friday 29th March

On Wednesday I did a talk to a ladies’ group in Lincolnshire called ‘A Zip Round the Zodiac’. It seemed to go down well, there was certainly lots of interest and questions. I enjoyed it and was made very welcome, thank you to the ladies who invited me.

I am also preparing and reading up for a talk that I am doing in June at the Astrological Association’s conference in Wyboston, Bedfordshire in June. My talk is about the ancient Sumerian goddess, Inanna and her descent into the underworld to encounter her sister, Ereshkigal.

The title is -of my talk is Inanna and Ereshkigal – Descending into the Great Below

My hubby bought me a great book which is certainly bringing her to life for me. It came beautifully wrapped in white tissue paper and had a book mark with it. Very fitting for such a sensual goddess! It is written by Peter Grey 2007 Scarlet Imprint ISBN 978 0956720337.

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Thursday 28th March

I have news for those of you who follow Mercury the messenger planet on his journey through our skies. Mercury is turning direct this evening. Since 5th March we have been in a period of Mercury retrograde, which is a time when Mercury appears to go backwards. Astrologically this means that Mercury’s messages don’t get through with their usual speed and clarity. So our every day communications often ends up going pear shaped and this can be frustrating to say the least. For example, we can get lost, like my hubby, son and I did the other night on our way to a concert at Sharrington village hall in deepest Norfolk. Luckily we got there in the end…Also messages can go astray and we may get mixed up with our appointments, or just get our wires crossed with someone, you know the sort of thing!

However, on the plus side- (there is always one of those) a Mercury retrograde period is a time to think differently. We may find ourselves going over old ground, or we find items we thought we had lost, or people from our past pop up unexpectedly, or we have inspirational ideas to help us overcome long standing problems.

As I wrote the other day, Mercury is currently in dreamy Pisces and added to this, it is now conjunct- up close to the planet Neptune. In astrology Neptune is associated with the same things as Pisces such as; inspiration, illusion, mysticism, dreams and compassion, this is because Neptune rules Pisces. Neptune is a slow moving outer planet and has been drifting through its own sign of Pisces since April 2011 and will continue to do so for another six years. When Mercury meets up with Neptune this is a real time for inspiration, intuition, compassion and dreams.

The other day on the radio I heard Enya’s Orinoco Flow which I thought was highly appropriate for Mercury conjunct Neptunium in Pisces.
I do like this time, I was born back in the ‘sixties when Neptune was conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. So I enjoy a bit of dreaming and drifting. How about you…?


Tuesday 26th March

Today  Venus planet of love and beauty moves into gentle Pisces. Astrologers call this placement exalted, as Venus is in its best sign where the love planet can express herself in the most gentle, graceful, compassionate way. This is a great time to be kind to ourselves and others, but do remember that you may have a tendency to view a loved one with rose coloured spectacles. This is lovely, but do remember to take a reality check every now and then!

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Sunday 24th March 2019

I have just received the birth details of the mystery person whose chart we will be looking at and discussing at our next meeting of the Norfolk Astrology Association where all astrology lovers are welcome. Come and chat and share cake and coffee, they  have a great selection of goodies.

1.45pm -3.45pm Saturday 6th April

Guist Post Office cafe Norfolk – NR20 5AJ This is approx six miles south of  Fakenham on the A1067.

This month we are discussing the personality traits of a person chosen by a member of our group, Liam.

The natal chart details are for a person born 06/01/1915 Chislehurst Kent. Please also do a solar return chart for 1951 which was a very significant year for this person.

Norfolk Astrology Association's photo.

Astrologer’s Diary Sunday 17th March- Saturday 23rd March

Saturday 23rd March 2019

I’m delighted to say that the Opening up to Spring morning workshop at Kelling combining yoga and astrology went off well. Thank you very much to everyone who came, I hope you all enjoyed it. I would also like to say a big thank you to Gini for making this happen. I enjoyed the yoga and now feel stretched, energized and ready for the spring. We will soon be getting together to plan the next workshop in our series of seasonal Saturdays. This is called Embracing the fullness of Summer and is on Saturday 22nd June close to the Summer Solstice.
Kelling studio all set out ready for our workshop.

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Thursday 21st March

Wow! What a beautiful moon, I went out at about six pm and wandered up our lane beyond our neighbours’ houses taking photos. It was a beautiful evening with the dramatic pinks and golds of the sunset in the West and the moon rising in the East.
Just before 10pm – the time of the actual Equinox, I sat out in the garden all wrapped up wearing my favourite furry hat in the moonlight gazing up at the moon. Then I got back inside by the fire for a warming cuppa! Oh the joys of being a rural dwelling (mildly eccentric) astrologer! 😉

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Wednesday 20th March

Today, Wednesday 20th March is a busy day! To start with, as I have been mentioning for the past couple of days, it is the Spring Equinox. This is when the sun crosses the equator and we have roughly equal days and nights. The word Equinox comes for the Latin for ‘equal nights’ . It is that day when the sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and a new season begins. For us here in the northern Hemisphere it is a day of hope and promise when the light returns. Astrologically and astronomically it is the first day of Spring and the weather here in Norfolk reflects that, it is sunny and warm. It is a great time to set intentions and to act on them. In astrology is the start of the astrological year. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.

Also, did you know that the Spring Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) is International Astrology Day today? A day to celebrate astrology. 🙂

Added to this, we have a full moon tonight, here in the UK it’s exactly full in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Did you see it last night? It was beautiful, peeping through the clouds when it was still dusk and then later on, after night fall, flooding the sky with a pearly, silver light. It is a ‘super moon’, at perigee – its closest position to the earth so it appears at its biggest and brightest.

And finally… the 20th March is International Day of Happiness.

Happy Spring Equinox – bring on the light, the joy and the daffodils..!

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Tuesday 19th March 

I love this, just in time for the Spring Equinox tomorrow.No photo description available.

Monday 18th March

I hope you had a good weekend, we did, I had a lovely if rather muddy walk yesterday with my neighbour around the lanes and green lanes near our house. Spring is certainly on its way, the daffodils are out in our gardens and the blackthorn and primroses are out and green is starting to show in the hedgerows. Saying that, it is still pretty nippy and stormy, I do like this blustery changeable weather. There are two first days of Spring so we can take our pick! Meteorological Spring has already kicked in, it starts on the first of March. However, astronomical spring is just around the corner as it starts at the Spring Equinox. It falls around the 20th or 21st March and varies slightly every year as it is the time when the sun moves in to the first point of Aries. This year it is on Wednesday 20th March at 8.58pm GMT to be precise!

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Astrologer’s Diary Sunday 10th March- Saturday 16th March

Friday 15th March 2019

Early this morning, Mercury, planet of communication was conjunct – (at the same degree as) the Sun. Astronomers call this the inferior conjunction when an inner planet (Mercury or Venus) passes between the earth and the sun. This conjunction marks Mercury’s movement from the evening sky to the morning sky. It is the time when Mercury goes retrograde. From February 18th to March 5th Mercury was visible in the evening. On the 5th March, it became impossible to see because it was swamped by the sun’s glare. It will remain invisible until the 23rd March when it will be visible once again, rising early in the morning, just ahead of the sun.

Symbolically, this period when Mercury is invisible to the naked eye is when he goes into the ‘underworld’ and he takes on a different otherworldly tone. It is a time for introspection and reflection.
Photo of Mercury taken at The rijks museum cafe in Amsterdam

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Tuesday 12th March 2019

I do like Pisces season, lots of great art is appearing. Here is the latest Lizz Lunney post card. It came today and is the tenth in her Character Zodiac series. Her character for the month is Yellow Dungaree Rabbit. He is very creative and is happily slapping paint around. He looks rather Piscean to me, happily creating and going with the flow.

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Monday 11th March

I saw this post on Urania’s Well Facebook Page – Neptune the god of the seas mysteriously and anonymously appears on the shore at Rome in Italy. This looks like synchronicity to me, or may be careful planning.. who knows? Anyway , Neptune rules magical Pisces and we are in the flow of Pisces at the moment with the sun, Mercury and Neptune all in Pisces. I’m always up for a bit of magic and mystery!

Urania’s Well

This is Urania’s Well’s post on Sunday 10th March 2019
Right now, we have three of the outer planets — Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune — in the signs they rule. This gives these planets considerable strength, and indicates profound, ongoing changes on a collective level.

Neptune is especially in play this month and next, as Mercury goes retrograde in Neptune’s oceanic and mysterious domain, and Venus joins it there at the end of the month. So I found it particularly appropriate that some inspired but unknown artist recently placed a statue of Neptune on the shore in Rome.

We would do well to remember that the oceans drive our weather and are foundational to our food chain. Meanwhile, we treat them like a sewer. Such hubris.…/statue-of-neptune-appears-on…

A mysterious statue of Neptune, which appeared unexpectedly on Rome’s coast in recent days, has become the focus of much attention in the Ostia neighbourhood of the capital.

Sunday 10th March

Well Mercury retrograde’s influence kicked in for us last night! We set off to see a musical concert in deepest Norfolk in a village called Sharrington. It seemed straightforward enough but we managed to get lost and keep driving round in circles in the dark. This was despite having google maps; it kept sending us to the local Hall instead of the village hall. We were not alone, there were several cars doing a circuit of twisty lanes and tight turns! We were about to give up when I spotted lights in the distance and hooray we found it! We were just in the nick of time to get a drink and a seat before the performance started. I think the hall may have a bit of a reputation for being a devil to find as the organiser asked the audience who had got lost, quite a few hands went up..

The music was lovely and well worth the confusing journey.

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Astrologer’s Diary Sunday 3rd March- Saturday 9th March

Friday 8th March

Let’s Talk magazine have their April edition out in the shops already. It is the 199th edition. Please see my Star Talk page featuring Aries. At the moment we are still happily swimming with gentle Pisces. We will catch up with Aries when the sun moves into Aries at the Spring Equinox which falls on the 20th of March this year.

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Thursday 7th March 2019

I’ve had a sociable couple of days; yesterday I met up with Gini Harrison the yoga teacher who I am working with on March 23rd at Kelling to finalize our plans for our first joint workshop honouring the spring equinox ‘Opening Up to Spring’. We are also planning future workshops in a series following on from our spring workshop. They are running in June, September and December honouring the Summer Solstice, the Autumn Equinox and the winter Solstice respectively.

Today I went to Norwich to the headquarters of ‘Let’s Talk’ Magazine to celebrate their 200th edition which is out next month- May 2019. It was lovely to meet the team and some of the other contributors and to have tea and cake of course..! The cake was rather spectacular. I manged to get a photo before it was cut up and handed round. Thank you to Terry and Angie and everyone for inviting me. I had a lovely morning.

No photo description available.

Wednesday 6th March

Today is definitely a day of beginnings. We have a new moon in Pisces at 16.03 GMT. This new moon is joined by dreamy, mystical Neptune. So this is a time to go with the flow and see what transpires. Look out for a bit of magic in the air, along with the rain..!

Also, a long term change is occurring as the planet Uranus moves into Taurus at 08.26 this morning GMT. Uranus is an outer planet; it takes approximately 84 years to go round the sun and spends approximately seven years in each sign of the zodiac.

Uranus represents new inventions, technology, the collective and dramatic and sudden change. It has been in brave, adventurous Aries for the last 7 years and in that time we have seen huge developments in technology which has had a massive effect upon our social interactions. We can belong to groups connecting like minded people from all over the world and have free conversations with people thousands of miles away; my son regularly does! The key word for Aries is ‘I am’ and the phenomenon of ‘The Selfie’ – sharing photos of oneself using technology is a good expression of Uranus in Aries.

This new phase coming up will have a different feel to it. Taurus is a fixed, earth sign and its key word is ‘I have’ so look out for changes regarding possessions, money and what we value. Taurus is also associated with agriculture and food ,so look out for changes related to that too.

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Tuesday 5th March

This evening Mercury, planet of communication will go retrograde and appear to move backwards in the sky. It is in dreamy Pisces and as I have mentioned before logical, fast Mercury flounders a bit in watery, mystical Pisces. Added to this, during retrograde periods, we may find ourselves going over old ground and thinking differently to usual. I don’t think this is a bad thing, I love a bit of imaginative thinking. However, look out for confusion or even deception and check the facts before committing to anything definite. It might also be a good idea to check your diary regularly as it is really easy to get confused and land up at the right place in the wrong time or vice versa. I’ve done that before now! Luckily I was a day early taking my son to a music workshop so we had a second chance to get him there on time. 😉

No photo description available.

Monday 4th March

There is one place left on this workshop on

Saturday 23rd March at 9.30am to 1pm

at Kelling Yoga Studio North Norfolk NR25 7EW

This fun, interactive morning will begin with an introduction to astrology and the astrological themes for the equinox. This is followed by a yoga session tapping into the elements, setting an intention enabling us to embrace and be open to what the uplifting spring season has to offer.

Some yoga experience necessary – no astrology knowledge required!

£30 per person

Booking is essential ONE PLACE LEFT

Please contact me to secure your place.
tel 07749822495

There is one place left on this workshop on

Saturday 23rd March at 9.30am to 1pm.

Kelling Yoga Studio, North Norfolk near Holt

If you would like to join us contact me.

This fun, interactive morning will begin with an introduction to astrology and the astrological themes for the equinox. This is followed by a yoga session tapping into the elements, setting an intention enabling us to embrace and be open to what the uplifting spring season has to offer.

Some yoga experience necessary – no astrology knowledge required!

£30 per person

Booking is essential as places are limited, so please contact me to secure your place.
tel 07749822495

Astrologer’s Diary Sunday 24th February – Saturday 2nd March

Saturday 3rd March 2019

Today we had our March meeting of the Norfolk Astrology Association. It went well and we discussed the birth chart of Rosa Parks the American civil rights activist who famously refused to give up her seat on a segregated bus in Montgomery Alabama on 1st December 1955.

Our next meeting is the first Saturday of April which is Saturday 6th April at Guist Post Office cafe. We will discuss a person chosen by Liam.

Friday 1st March 2019

Today is 1st March and St David’s Day! I lived in Wales when I was younger and it is always a day of celebration. The daffodil is the symbol of Wales and there are some out in my garden, they are of the short but perfectly formed variety! 😉

Today, Venus, planet of beauty and attraction moves from serious Capricorn into community minded Aquarius. It is time to appreciate our friends and the groups we belong to. So thank you to all my friends and to all of you who support me and read my astrology blogs. I am looking forward to the astrology group tomorrow.

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Wednesday 27th March 2019

Today was yet another beautiful day, this weather is amazing! Yesterday February 26th I saw my first Brimstone butterfly of 2019 on our allotment. Brimstone butterflies are bright yellow and they hibernate overwinter. They are generally regarded as one of the first signs of Spring as they wake up when it gets warm enough to fly.
My hubby and I went to Bury St Edmunds today as I wanted to see the exhibition on the Moon at the Moyses Museum. We had not been to that museum before; it is in a very attractive building with a rather dark past. It was the jail at one stage and there was quite a bit about law and order including shackles and a gibbet.
However, I was a bit disappointed about the moon exhibition as it was mainly about the moon landings. There was a space suit and a selection of 50 year old unappetizing space food. There was also a moon phase clock; it was correct too!
These were interesting, however, there was nothing at all about the symbolism of the moon, as advertised, which was why we went! Oh well, we had a good day out and got to see the Cathedral and the Abbey gardens and had a nice lunch and the weather was glorious so all was not lost.

Tuesday 26th March 2019

March is nearly upon us so here is my monthly horoscope for March 2019.

Aries 21st March – 20th April

You are entering a new long term phase as Uranus leaves your sign to make way for Chiron the healer. This is the time to take a deep breath, slow down and appreciate the good things in life, such as your friends, the new season and your birthday.

Taurus 20th April – 21st May

Uranus the awakener enters your sign on March 6th so if you have fallen into a rut, stand by – it’s time for a shake up. Make plans, as although they are likely to change, at least you will have a strategy in place and won’t be caught napping.

Gemini 21stMay – 21st June

A new phase in your career requires adjustments and your usual approach may not work, so you need to be adaptable. Try trusting your gut and following your instincts; things will work out, but maybe not quite as you’d planned.


Cancer 22nd June -22nd July

This month your thoughts could be drifting towards freedom and adventure. So enjoy letting your imagination wander to dreams of distant shores. If you want to make them a reality, you’d best book that holiday.

 Leo 22nd July- 21st August

With the warmer weather on its way, you may feel in a sociable and outgoing mood. This is a good time to dust down your maps, get your sat nav charged up and go to visit those friends who haven’t seen for a while; they will be pleased to see you.

 Virgo 21st August- 21st September

Your finances are in the spotlight this month, a review and some adjustments may be required. Remember to look at joint financial matters too, as they could be beneficial, but make sure you scrutinise the details closely before you commit to anything.

 Libra 21st September- 21st October

If you have been feeling a bit out of kilter, the full moon in your sign on the 21st will help to shine a light on what needs to change. Working in close quarters with a significant other will help you to restore your balance so you can feel more energised and ready for the spring.

 Scorpio 21st October- 21st November

Around the new moon on the 6th your creative projects will receive some much needed inspiration. Being open to innovative ideas and thinking them through thoroughly will aid the process. Following this through with steady effort will yield the results you require.

 Sagittarius 21st November- 21st December

It is worth curbing any impulse you may have to rush off at the drop of a hat. Instead, take time to look at the bigger picture and appreciate your achievements and the people who support you. It may be that you already have more than you realise.

Capricorn 21st December – 20th January

Don’t be surprised if siblings or neighbours come knocking on your door. Offer them a cuppa, a sympathetic ear and have some tissues at the ready. Your calm, reassuring presence may be just what they need to get back on track.

 Aquarius 20th January – 18th February

You could be quite in demand socially as your accepting nature is always welcome, so get out and have a bit of fun. With an eye on the longer term, your ruler Uranus moves into Taurus so look out for changes especially in your routines and home life.

 Pisces 19th February – 20th March

A new phase is beginning for you and it looks good. You may find yourself acting as the messenger this month, bringing hope and inspiration to others. So lead them to a happy place where they can forget their troubles for a while.

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Monday 25th February

Not long to go to the March meeting of the Norfolk Astrology Association; the details are:

Saturday, the 2nd of March 1.45pm to 3.45pm

Guist Post Office cafe NR20 5AJ

This is free to join, just grab a coffee and even a piece of cake and come and have a chat about astrology! All welcome.

This month we are discussing the personality traits of a person chosen by a member of our group, Loraine.
The natal chart details are:
4th Feb 1913 Birmingham, Alabama, US Time 05.12 am
The significant event for this person occurred on 01 Dec 1955 Montgomery, Alabama, US at 18.00. 
Please draw up a transit chart for this event and a bi wheel to compare it with the natal chart.

Sunday 24th February

Today I made the most of yet another lovely day and went digging in one of our compost heaps and spread compost on one of our veggie beds. I’m a bit of a compost queen! Amongst the rather nice compost I found all sorts of goodies; a tea spoon, two plant labels and some really manky socks. A couple of years ago I tried composting socks; it doesn’t work! I’ve given up on that idea and don’t do it any more.

Astrologically, the moon is waning (getting smaller) and is in Scorpio, the sign of regeneration and hidden treasures so it’s a great time to be digging around in compost heaps!

This afternoon hubby and I went to East Runton , it was lovely, beautifully warm in the sun, it was a bit chillier in the shade, but much warmer than the other weekend! I hope you all had a good day too.

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