Sunday 20th September- Saturday 26th September

Tuesday 22nd September

Today the sun moves into Libra which here in the northern hemisphere marks the autumn equinox and the first day of autumn. It is fantastically warm , we ate out in the garden today and yesterday, and it’s really nice to make the most of the autumn sunshine whilst we can. The hedgerows are full of seasonal fruit and sun kissed blackberries just smell so lovely, fruity with a hint of wine, what is there not to like!?

Astrologically Libra is the sign of balance and the autumn equinox is a time of reflection and looking at what we started in the spring and how that has worked out. At the spring equinox. the sun is in go getting Aries the opposite sign to Libra and these two signs are all about how we relate to others whilst balancing our own needs with those of others, not an easy challenge. Libra is the sign of grace and co operation and it is good at stepping away from things for a moment and thinking about solutions. Libra is a logical air sign after all. However, Aries action is also needed because other wise we are so busy weighing up the pros and cons we don’t do anything!

This year we have been living with covid for six months as here in the UK as we were locked down on 24th March just around the spring equinox. So at the autumn equinox it is a good time to consider our actions and appreciate the positive results and look to adjust things that didn’t quite go to plan and to also look to teh winter ahaed and moe forward with that in mind. At the moment this is incredibly difficult for us all as a wider society.

On an individual level, I planted a whole load of veg seeds on our allotment around the spring equinox. I went to the garden centre just before lockdown and had a a big spend up on seeds and potting compost and I am glad I did! I am very grateful to say that we are very fortunate in that they have all done really well and we have been and still are harvesting loads of veg including tomatoes, courgettes, beans, carrots, beetroot, lettuce, radishes and lots of cute little mini pumpkins. We also have wild blackberries on our allotment which are really sweet, so its nice to appreciate all the goodies from our beautiful earth. Note to self- do not plant so many tomatoes! Also since the spring equinox I have learnt new phrases such as ‘social distancing’ and have got used to wearing a mask in shops and done most of my socializing on Zoom. I am happy to say that I have ‘attended’ quite a lot of interesting astrology talks and ‘seen’ speakers who I would not have done in the ‘real’ world.

I am really looking forward to a webinar entitled ‘Working with Chiron’ by one of my favourite American astrologers – Steven Forrest. It is this Saturday September 26th and is run by the excellent Astrology University I will make sure I have got my supply of snacks and drinks ready for that one!

Event Calendar

Sunday 13th September – Saturday 19th September

Sunday 13th September

Yesterday the Norfolk Astrology association had a zoom meeting. It went off extremely well and was a talk by Vedic Astrologer Gaurav Vedhra. It was our most well attended talk to date and we had an international audience; although we are a Norfolk astrology group, there were actually only 2 of us from Norfolk -that’s the great thing about zoom. Gaurav gave us a very clear and thorough introduction to Vedic astrology and discussed the lunar nodes and shared some famous charts. A truly fascinating presentation. Thank you Gaurav.

Sunday 6th September- Saturday 12th September

Sunday 6th September

At the moment it is a great time for sky watching. If you are an early bird( which I am not!) then I am reliably informed that Venus is shining brightly in the morning. Look to the east before sunrise to get a good sighting.

If you are more of an evening person then Saturn and Jupiter are putting on a great show all night, look to the south for two bright objects, Jupiter is to the right (west) of Saturn and is brighter, it is a lot nearer! I really enjoy observing them and night on night they are gradually moving closer together.

Mars the red planet is beautiful at the moment. Last night I was lucky enough to get to see it rising next to the waning gibbous moon.My hubby came with me and we went up the lane in the gloaming hanging around waiting for them both to rise, and we weren’t disappointed. I managed to get a photo of them later in the evening when they had risen clear of the horizon. I stood in the road to get it, my cat followed me out and looked at me quizzically wondering what I was up to as she slunk off into the silvered night.

The moon and Mars are still close together tonight and worth a look, the moon rises at 21.24 tonight if you fancy hanging around in the dark looking at the eastern horizon. The red dot close to it is Mars which will rise slightly before the moon as it is now ahead (to the west ) of it in the zodiac.Happy planet spotting!

Astrologically, today, Venus planet of love moves from homely, nurturing Cancer into dramatic, creative Leo. Time to shine! Get creative, dust down your paint pots and brushes and express yourself. You never know, I may even put on a bit of lippie!

Moon and Mars in the east, rising above our neighbours’ chimney pots last night.

Sunday 30th August – Saturday 5th September

Tuesday 1st September

As we enter a new calendar month, the full moon is upon us. It is exactly full at 6.22 tomorrow morning, Wednesday 2nd September and it is in sensitive, gentle Pisces opposing the sun. Look out for it rising, tonight at 20.23, there is something so magical to me seeing it silently sailing up above the horizon line- it always makes my heart sing. It looks so orange and gorgeous when it is close to the horizon.

The full moon is a time of things coming to a head. What is culminating in your life this week? I hope you have a good one.

Sunday 23rd August – Saturday 29th August

Sunday 23rd August

This week we are now into Virgo season. The sun moved into the sixth sign of the zodiac yesterday afternoon. Virgos are very precise and organised and great at sorting through details. As a gardener I always have to sort, plan and decide what to do with all our produce at this time of year. We often get a glut; at the moment we have loads of courgettes, last week it was cucumbers and we haven’t reached peak tomato yet! In the light of this we are busy pickling, preserving and freezing our veg. Virgos are very industrious , so with both the sun and Mercury in this efficient sign it is a good time to get busy and prepare for the winter months ahead. Cucumber and courgette pickle any one?

Sunday August 16th- Saturday August 22nd

Thursday 20th August

As it was drier today I had my new moon fire- the wood was damp because I forgot to cover it. Yesterday’s rain got it well and truly soggy. Never mind, the fire was smoky and reluctant but worthwhile. Today was rather windy so perhaps it was just as well that the wood and twigs were damp or things could have got quite excitable!

My plants loved the rain and have perked up no end, we do water them regularly but you can’t beat a good proper soaking.

Wednesday 19th August

Leo the lion passionate and determined.

Today is the new moon in Leo. Since the beginning of lockdown in March I have got into the habit of having a new moon fire on my allotment. As luck would have it, after all this heat and sun, it was very wet today so I didn’t do it . I will try tomorrow-as I do like to mark the turning of the lunar months.

New moons are a good time for new starts, I like to look back to see what I started the previous month and review it. What was my intention for last month? Did I do what I wanted to do? How did it work out? Do I want to adjust, continue or start something new?

This new moon is a fiery one with sun and moon in Leo making a positive aspect to go getting mars in fiery Aries. They are also both making a positive aspect to the moon’s north node in the third fire sign; far reaching Sagittarius. So this month is a good time to set goals regarding your actions and passions. Talking about action, I have finally been able to return to my exercise classes after a long break. I enjoyed it but was a bit rickety the next day! Still, I am determined to carry on.

Sunday 9th August – Saturday 15th August

Saturday 15h August

Wow it has been HOT this week- over 30 degrees C. Despite this my husband managed to clean the carpets, they look so much better, even if he was melting! Thank you. The evenings have been fab for sky watching. we have had wonderful views of Saturn the ringed planet and Jupiter, the bright gas giant, low in the South after sunset. They are quite close together and Jupiter rises and sets slightly earlier than Saturn and is to the right- West of Saturn. They will remain visible for the rest of the year. By October they will be both be direct and will gradually get closer together. They will finally meet up on 21st December for a conjunction in early Aquarius; a coming together of the planet of expansion and the planet of restriction and control in the sign of social change. This will be a challenging time.

Meanwhile, we have been enjoying more sky watching delights in the form of the meteors the Perseids. Both Monday and Tuesday evening my hubby and I laid out on the grass after dark and watched for the meteors. We were very lucky, we hadn’t been there long before we saw our first one, we soon got our eyes in and saw quite a few.They are very bright; we saw six the first night and ten the next. We missed the best night, Wednesday, but my neighbour was out sky watching and said she saw loads. It is definitely a fun way to spend a warm summer’s evening or two ! The earth has now moved on from the meteor shower now, but next August we will be back in that same part of the sky, and have another chance to see the Perseids, so put it in your diary for next year. I know I will.

We also saw Mars, which rises later in the evening than Saturn and Jupiter and is very red and bright. Like Saturn and Jupiter, it will be visible for a few months yet, so if you get a chance to do so, have a look!

The weather has finally broken and it rained all day today , so no chance of sky watching at the moment. I am sure though that the clouds will clear in a day or so , letting us see the beautiful heavenly bodies again.

Sunday 2nd August – Saturday 8th August

Saturday 8th August

I am happy to say that last night’s zoom meeting went off well. We had 8 people which gave everyone a chance to comment on the chart. There was quite a bit of chat and lots of relevant comments. The great thing about zoom is that we can have people from all over the place and we had some people from Norfolk but others from further afield too whcih is always good. Thank you to everyone who came along .

Sunday 2nd August

It’s August already and yesterday was the Pagan festival of Lammas (loaf mass) or first fruits. This is the midway point between the Summer solstice in June and the Autumn Equinox in September. I like to mark these points and to appreciate the turning of the year. On our allotment we have plenty of ‘fruits’; our courgettes are extremely plentiful. I planted a load of seeds just after lockdown and they have all taken and grown and grown! My friends and neighbours are still quite appreciative of our courgettes, but in a couple more weeks they may reach the stage where they politely refuse them! We also have beans, spring ( a bit late but hey who cares! ) onions, cucumbers and beetroot. In the hedges up our lane and around our veg patch the wild fruits are ripening. The sloes, crab apples, blackberries and hawthorn berries are all colouring up and sweetening in the warm sun. In our small garden, the pears and apples are ripening and I managed to buy some plums from an honesty box by a person’s gate in a neighbouring village. They just about had time to settle into the fruit bowl before we scoffed them! Norfolk is great for home grown produce, there are lots of little treasures to be found in home made stands outside people’s houses and you never know what you are going to find.

This month’s full moon is tomorrow, Monday 3rd August so it falls really close to Lammas. This full moon is in group orientated Aquarius opposite the sun in creative Leo. These two signs are both fixed, determined signs and represent opposing principles, I think of it as the axis of self expression. When this axis is illuminated, ( as it is at the moment) it is a time to look at how we express ourselves and our individuality and how we fit in with the group. It is also a good time to appreciate our gifts, whether that be homes, our skills, our relationships the things we have created, or all of the above. It certainly is a very fruitful time.

With the sun in Leo is also a good time to enjoy ourselves, and although our options are more limited than usual this year, it is still worth finding time to do things which we can enjoy. I love to walk in nature and my husband and I visited a local country park the other day and did a bit of butterfly spotting. This is not always easy, they shift a lot faster than I do! We saw quite a few though, loads of silver washed fratillaries – which are actually orange! They get their name because they have a silver underwing. We also saw quite a few holly blues and loads of gatekeepers which are small, brown and skippy with brown eyes on their upper wings.

So back to the full moon, it rises at 9.12pm BST on Monday 3rd August so I think I will be out looking at the south eastern horizon at that time. To me that is such a magical moment when it slips up above the horizon. I am always impressed by its time keeping abilities. If only I could always be so punctual. Have a good day and happy Lamas and full moon.

Sunday July 26th – Saturday August 1st

Sunday 26th July

I’ve discovered there are some advantages to being menopausal and waking in the night! That is, I get to see planets at times which I didn’t get to see before. This morning I woke really and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I had missed comet Neowise cos it was too light for that, but I sat on the stairs and looked out of my east facing landing widow and got a fabulous view of beautiful bright Venus shining in the blue predawn sky.

Sunday July 19th – Saturday July 26th

Monday 20th July

Today we have a new moon in Cancer. It is the second consecutive new moon in Cancer. Last month’s one was an eclipse at 0 degrees of Cancer and this month’s one is at 28 degrees of Cancer. Two new moons in the same astrological sign happens occasionally. Both these new moons have a similar flavour, emphasizing issues around home and family and our instincts and emotions. However, Saturn is exactly opposing this new moon emphasizing issues regarding our responsibility and our social standing and career versus our home and family are likely to be highlighted again. This is a familiar theme as it follows a long running pattern which has been going all year of Saturn Jupiter and Pluto all in responsible rule orientated Capricorn. (Saturn has had a four month foray into airy Aquarius but has returned to Capricorn until mid December this year. Then it will finally move into Aquarius for the next two years or so.) At the moment Jupiter and Saturn are both clearly visible in the sky all night and Saturn is at its brightest tonight. They are definitely worth a look, they are fairly low in the South after dark, moving slowly West throughout the night.