Astrological Consultations

Why not have a reading with me?

An astrological  chart is essentially a snap shot of the heavens for any given time and place.

Astrological Reading with upcoming trends.

This reading costs £50, this includes all the preparation time. I can see you face to face or via Skype.

A natal chart uses the time and place of your birth and provides a wealth of information about your motivations, instincts and potential. However, I consider that everyone is free to use this potential in a wide variety of ways. Therefore a reading is collaborative where we explore these issues together to enable you to have a clearer understanding of yourself. Please let me know if there any particular issues which you would like to look at. I also combine this with forecasting techniques to provide an overall picture of upcoming trends arising for you at the time of the reading.

Please contact me to arrange an appointment.

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