Sunday 9th August – Saturday 15th August

Saturday 15h August

Wow it has been HOT this week- over 30 degrees C. Despite this my husband managed to clean the carpets, they look so much better, even if he was melting! Thank you. The evenings have been fab for sky watching. we have had wonderful views of Saturn the ringed planet and Jupiter, the bright gas giant, low in the South after sunset. They are quite close together and Jupiter rises and sets slightly earlier than Saturn and is to the right- West of Saturn. They will remain visible for the rest of the year. By October they will be both be direct and will gradually get closer together. They will finally meet up on 21st December for a conjunction in early Aquarius; a coming together of the planet of expansion and the planet of restriction and control in the sign of social change. This will be a challenging time.

Meanwhile, we have been enjoying more sky watching delights in the form of the meteors the Perseids. Both Monday and Tuesday evening my hubby and I laid out on the grass after dark and watched for the meteors. We were very lucky, we hadn’t been there long before we saw our first one, we soon got our eyes in and saw quite a few.They are very bright; we saw six the first night and ten the next. We missed the best night, Wednesday, but my neighbour was out sky watching and said she saw loads. It is definitely a fun way to spend a warm summer’s evening or two ! The earth has now moved on from the meteor shower now, but next August we will be back in that same part of the sky, and have another chance to see the Perseids, so put it in your diary for next year. I know I will.

We also saw Mars, which rises later in the evening than Saturn and Jupiter and is very red and bright. Like Saturn and Jupiter, it will be visible for a few months yet, so if you get a chance to do so, have a look!

The weather has finally broken and it rained all day today , so no chance of sky watching at the moment. I am sure though that the clouds will clear in a day or so , letting us see the beautiful heavenly bodies again.

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