Sunday 2nd August – Saturday 8th August

Saturday 8th August

I am happy to say that last night’s zoom meeting went off well. We had 8 people which gave everyone a chance to comment on the chart. There was quite a bit of chat and lots of relevant comments. The great thing about zoom is that we can have people from all over the place and we had some people from Norfolk but others from further afield too whcih is always good. Thank you to everyone who came along .

Sunday 2nd August

It’s August already and yesterday was the Pagan festival of Lammas (loaf mass) or first fruits. This is the midway point between the Summer solstice in June and the Autumn Equinox in September. I like to mark these points and to appreciate the turning of the year. On our allotment we have plenty of ‘fruits’; our courgettes are extremely plentiful. I planted a load of seeds just after lockdown and they have all taken and grown and grown! My friends and neighbours are still quite appreciative of our courgettes, but in a couple more weeks they may reach the stage where they politely refuse them! We also have beans, spring ( a bit late but hey who cares! ) onions, cucumbers and beetroot. In the hedges up our lane and around our veg patch the wild fruits are ripening. The sloes, crab apples, blackberries and hawthorn berries are all colouring up and sweetening in the warm sun. In our small garden, the pears and apples are ripening and I managed to buy some plums from an honesty box by a person’s gate in a neighbouring village. They just about had time to settle into the fruit bowl before we scoffed them! Norfolk is great for home grown produce, there are lots of little treasures to be found in home made stands outside people’s houses and you never know what you are going to find.

This month’s full moon is tomorrow, Monday 3rd August so it falls really close to Lammas. This full moon is in group orientated Aquarius opposite the sun in creative Leo. These two signs are both fixed, determined signs and represent opposing principles, I think of it as the axis of self expression. When this axis is illuminated, ( as it is at the moment) it is a time to look at how we express ourselves and our individuality and how we fit in with the group. It is also a good time to appreciate our gifts, whether that be homes, our skills, our relationships the things we have created, or all of the above. It certainly is a very fruitful time.

With the sun in Leo is also a good time to enjoy ourselves, and although our options are more limited than usual this year, it is still worth finding time to do things which we can enjoy. I love to walk in nature and my husband and I visited a local country park the other day and did a bit of butterfly spotting. This is not always easy, they shift a lot faster than I do! We saw quite a few though, loads of silver washed fratillaries – which are actually orange! They get their name because they have a silver underwing. We also saw quite a few holly blues and loads of gatekeepers which are small, brown and skippy with brown eyes on their upper wings.

So back to the full moon, it rises at 9.12pm BST on Monday 3rd August so I think I will be out looking at the south eastern horizon at that time. To me that is such a magical moment when it slips up above the horizon. I am always impressed by its time keeping abilities. If only I could always be so punctual. Have a good day and happy Lamas and full moon.

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