Sunday 14th June – Saturday 20th June

Saturday 20th June

This weekend is a one busy astrologically, firstly, today 20th June, it is the solstice when the sun ‘stands still’ and reaches zero degrees of Cancer. Then tomorrow, Sunday 21st June we have a solar eclipse on the new moon in Cancer.

Here in the northern hemisphere we have the summer solstice when the sun is at its highest point in the sky, giving us the longest day with the most daylight. Usually, this is a time of celebration, to know we have reached the height of the year.

This year, we can’t celebrate it in the usual manner, and indeed, some of you may not feel like celebrating as there has been a lot of loss and suffering this year. However, humans are adaptable and if you feel like marking it, there are still ways that you can do this. This year the solstice celebrations are being live streamed at Stonehenge as it is not open to the public like it usually is. This is open to all. I like to mark this passing of the seasons and am hoping to have a small fire on my allotment.

In the Southern hemisphere, it is the shortest day and mid winter an equally important date. Wherever you are in this beautiful world, it is definitely a turning point in this unusual year.

Friday 19th June

Change is definitely in the air, with a solar eclipse and the summer solstice coming up this weekend. There is certainly change in our household today as my son is returning to school! He is going in one day a week. This is the first time since March, up until now he has been doing all (and he has a lot) of his school work at home. I took him in this morning and everything is very different from before. He usually takes the bus and he did have that option but we decided it would be nicer if I drove him there. The car park was eerily quiet, it s usually chaotic and the students were not in uniform. I hope it all goes well, socially distanced education is a whole new ball game for everyone.

At the moment Mars, planet of action is in dreamy confused Pisces (not its favourite place) and to make matters foggier, it is close to dreamy Neptune- the ruler of Pisces. They made an exact conjunction on Sunday, June 13th. So this suggests that things may not go how we expect them to, especially as we may be very idealistic right now. So we need to be adaptable, patient and allow situations to unfold. Added to that mercury, planet of communication turned retrograde yesterday, 18th June . It does this when it heads up for a conjunction with the sun and moves from being visible in the evening to being visible in the morning. This is the infamous Mercury retrograde, a time of re visiting and adapting. Mercury is also in water sign, Cancer the crab. Crabs are indirect and tend to move sideways, so this adds to the need to be patient and to feel our way through this situation.

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