Sunday March 1st – Saturday March 7th

Thursday 5th March

How are communications going for you? Mercury, planet of communication is currently retrograde as it moves from evening ‘star’ to morning ‘star’. Yesterday – 4th March, it moved back from Pisces into Aquarius, I was just writing about it last night when our electricity failed and we were plunged into darkness! My post was lost, but I hadn’t written much! Oh well, that’s Mercury retrograde for you, we were lucky in that we had finished eating so we sat in the candle light and fire light and played Scrabble and supped sloe gin. There’s always a silver lining! Again we were fortunate as the power was back on by bed time.

Today Venus, planet of love and affection is moving into its own sign of earthy, sensual Taurus. This is a good time to really enjoy the sensual things in life, like nice food and art. As it has been mild, all the spring flowers are out here including; primroses, daffodils and celandines. Yesterday they were basking in the warmth. Today is a different story, as the wind is rather chilly, still we can still enjoy their beauty. Ah well, here’s to the good times and spring warmth!

Sunday 1st March

Today in Wales it is St David’s day, a day of celebration in Wales, celebrating all things Welsh. I now live a long way from Wales, in the East of England, but I spent six happy years in North Wales. The flower associated with Wales is the daffodil. I love daffodils I think they are such cheerful beautiful flowers. This year, it is so mild that the daffodils are out in the gardens already. One fell over in the wind the other day and I rescued it, its delicate scent is filling my dining room with the promise of spring.

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