Sunday 8th March – Saturday 14th March

Monday 9th March It’s the full moon tonight, it rises at 17.35 and is exactly full fifteen minutes later at 17:48. So if you get a chance and a clear evening, pop out soon to have a look. It will be a large ‘supermoon’ because it is at its closest point in its orbit around the earth. The sun is in gentle watery Pisces meaning that the moon is in its opposite sign of careful analytical Virgo. Full moons are always a time when issues come to a head. The sun is also making a close aspect to its ruler inspirational Neptune. You could get inspired to be creative. It’s also a good time to be compassionate and helpful to others. However, don’t take everything at face value and be prepared to carefully check the details before you rush in!

Sunday 8th March

Today is International Women’s Day and appropriately, my friend Tuesday Simmonds of Wombon Feminine Wellness opened her healing studio in Melton Constable in Norfolk this morning. She is offering all sorts of healing and therapies. At the open day we celebrated Tuesday’s hard work of transforming the space from building site in to welcoming relaxing studio. There was lots of fun, chat, tea and biscuits and enthusiasm. Thank you Tuesday and good luck with your new venture. You have created a wonderful healing space.

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