Sunday 22nd March – Saturday 28th March

Tuesday 24th March

Today is the new moon in Aries, when the sun and the Moon join together in the sky and a new cycle starts and what a new cycle! Unprecedented is the word that many people have been using. Today the UK has gone into lock down to try and combat this virus which is sweeping the world. It is very scary and a month ago here in the UK we were thinking about the physical storms, not a health storm. Luckily the weather has been lovely and we have thrown ourselves into gardening here in rural Norfolk.

We are very lucky to have a plot of land to grow our veggies on and we have a poly tunnel and share some chickens with our neighbours.

Sunday and Monday moving fruit bushes and preparing our seed beds in readiness to plant the seeds which I bought last Thursday when it was looking pretty clear that a UK lock-down was imminent.

This afternoon I had a new moon fire and burnt a load of old pallets, garden rubbish and bits of wood that had accumulated over the winter. It was appropriate Aries; is a fire sign and it was very therapeutic I must admit to feeling quite stressed about this virus and how its affecting everyone. Just sitting on the bench watching the flames engulf the wood and feeling the heat creep into my legs felt very reassuring.

I came back to the house stinking of smoke! After washing myself and all my clothes I felt cleansed physically and emotionally. My new moon commitment for this month is to nurture my support system; that my family, friends, home, body and community. We certainly can’t go rushing around all over the place, we need to have a new way of connecting with each other, thank goodness for the internet in all its many forms!

New Moon in Aries – Fire

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