Sunday 15th March – Saturday 21st March

Thursday 19th March

I hope you are all OK and coping with this virus. A lot has happened in 4 days, here in the UK following Monday’s announcement by the government, people are practising social distancing and where necessary social isolation. Virtually all social events have been cancelled or postponed, including the various talks I was booked to do and the Norfolk Astrology Association meeting in April. I have had updated my events page in response to this.

We are lucky here in Norfolk in that we are quite remote and mainly work from home. I have also managed to shop in my little local shops and get the essentials, including crisps!

The schools are now closing to most pupils , my son’s school is providing online work for the pupils from Monday.

Astrologically, the sun is in the final degrees of gentle sensitive Pisces. It will move into passionate proactive Aries tomorrow morning. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and Aries is the first. When the sun moves into Aries, this is the Spring Equinox which indicates a new year in astrology and astronomy. Usually this is a joyous, happy time when we look forward to spring. This year, things are little different, as this situation is highly scary and to quote a few people ‘unprecedented’. However, I am a Sagittarius whose nature is to look on the bright side, well normally, I have been stressing a bit of late.

At the moment there is an awful lot of planetary activity in Capricorn the sign of business, the establishment and tradition. In January we had the conjunction (joining) of Pluto planet of change and transformation and Saturn, the planet which rules Capricorn. As Capricorn and Saturn and linked, they represent similar themes, Saturn is all about rules, traditions, restrictions, limits and long term plans. It also represents fear, especially of the unknown. Mars planet of action and Jupiter planet of expansion are also joining Saturn and Pluto. So this suggests that action is needed for us to combat this disease and cope with it. I am impressed by how people are supporting one another and working together and thinking ahead. I am also very appreciative and respectful of all the people who are caring for the sick and providing essential services. This is a time to pull together. Thank you.

Pisces, gentle, compassionate and free flowing.

Sunday 15th March

On a global scale, this week has been a very difficult one with the coronavirus spreading rapidly. On a local level, it has now reached the hospitals in Norfolk. Its full impact is yet to be seen and people are predicting that it will continue to affect us for at least several months.

Astrologically, in January this year we had a conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. This was an indication that structures were due to change. This is happening , and the financial affects are just beginning. Added to that, Neptune the planet associated with viruses, mystery and the masses is making its way through its own sign of flowing watery Pisces.

This virus is spreading and forcing us to change, to think about our interactions with others. Loads of events have already been cancelled and we are now looking to our governments to see what strategies they can use to help us all to cope with this epidemic. On an individual level, we are all now having to think about regularly washing our hands and to avoid touching our faces. My nails are certainly looking better than they have done in a while!

It is a time to be considerate of each other, there has been panic buying as people are stocking up on essentials, concerned over having to be isolated. I wish you all wisdom over this challenging time.

Capricorn – practical responsible and traditional.

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