Sunday 9th February – Saturday 15th February

Sunday 9th February

Wow, that week went fast! Today as predicted by the weather forecasters we have storm Ciara. I must admit I do find the windy conditions quite exhilarating. So far we have been very lucky here, a few twigs in the road but we’re still all in one piece! I have been wrestling in my allotment with our compost heaps, yes we have more than one, three to be precise. They are rather ad hoc affairs constructed from old pallets and doors etc. The fronts tend to fall down in the wind so I have set up various props; such as pieces of wood to try and hold them in place..we shall see. I was certainly buffeted around as I tried to do it. I should have been organised and thought ahead. I was impressed by just how powerful the wind is.

We have a full moon in Leo opposing the sun in Aquarius. These two signs are fixed signs and this is a time to express yourself and enjoy being who you are. So whilst the wind is raging outside, how about indulging in a bit of creativity? Mercury in Pisces should help your imagination flow and Venus in Aries will help you put those visions into action! I’m off to spruce up my DM shoes. They are very pretty decorated with lots of flowers but they get a bit lack lustre so every now and again I give them a bit of a touch up with some special leather paints. I hope you all survive the storm in one piece.

I went on a moon search before I settled down to spruce up my shoes. I was rewarded with the most beautiful view of a golden moon floating silently upwards amid the tumultuous roar of the wind in the trees, magical!

Moon in Leo rising in rural Norfolk 09/02/2020

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