Sunday 23rd February- Saturday 29th February

Thursday 27th February

If you follow this page, you’ll know that I love planet watching and I am enjoying the beautiful show that Venus is putting on at the moment. It is quite easy to spot in the evening after sunset at the moment, it is the bright’ ‘star’ visible in the West. Did you see it with the crescent moon last night? Venus was directly above the moon. This evening Thursday, February 27th the waxing crescent moon will have moved nearer to Venus and they will be close together in the west after sunset. This combination is a lovely, heart lifting sight! There is about a three hour window of opportunity to see these two after dark before they set around 9.30pm. I am hoping for clear weather, so I can get a look, good luck to you if you are looking out for them.

Astrologically, these two planets represent the feminine in astrology. The moon is the nurturing, maternal aspect of the feminine and Venus is the romantic passionate aspect. They are joining in the energetic, assertive sign of Aries. This is a good time to do something enjoyable and fun. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so perhaps this may involve something new and exciting! Have a good day.

Sunday 23rd February

Today we have a new moon, which is the time of the month when the sun and moon are together at the same degree of the zodiac. As the sun is in gentle Pisces, so this month’s new moon is in Pisces. This is the last sign of the zodiac and very good at going with the flow. So if you need to release something, now is the time to let it go. With all these storms there has been a lot of enforced letting go, our fence which had been hanging on by a thread, finally succumbed to storm Dennis. So now we will having a new one soon and a new cycle will begin.
New moons are a great time to set an intention, last month at the January new moon in Aquarius I set an intention to be brave. I did, for me being brave is facing a large writing project which I have been avoiding for ages. I have joined a writers group and have tentatively started to get to grips with this project. I also found a lovely lady who runs a new moon group where you set an intention and she drums it in. I went there this morning. My intention this month is to write a chapter of my work so I have that to take to writers group.
So wishing you all a happy new moon. I feel quite upbeat at the moment.

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