Sunday 19th January – Saturday 25th January

Friday 24th January 2020

Have you been feeling a bit low and flat over the last couple of days? The moon is right in the last waning phase ready to start a new lunar cycle and at this time we can often feel lethargic. This evening we have a new moon in Aquarius,with the sun and the moon coming together both at the same degree of the zodiac. This marks the beginning of a new cycle; Aquarius is the sign of cutting edge ideas and new inventions so if you want to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, now is a good time to go for it. Also, Aquarius is a fixed sign; Aquarians are highly determined folk. What do you want to start and keep going with this month?

Wednesday January 22nd

I’ve had a productive meeting today with Gini Harrison , yoga teacher. We’ve been planning our yoga and astrology event for Saturday March 7th – Opening up to Spring at Kelling Yoga studio.

Monday 20th January

Have you noticed that the days are slowly lengthening? Today after such a beautiful bright day it was really noticeable that we had more light in the evening than a couple of weeks ago. We also had a beautiful sunrise here in Norfolk and a great view of the waning crescent moon quite low in the south this morning. Today the sun moves from serious, earthy Capricorn into humanitarian and individualistic air sign Aquarius. It joins Mercury planet of communication, so this is a time to embrace new ideas, think outside the box and embrace your inner rebel. Happy Birthday to all you Aquarians, long may you keep those bright ideas coming!

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