Sunday 26th January – Saturday February 1st

Saturday 1st February

Thank you to all who came to today’s meeting. As usual we had a good discussion. Thank you to Pat for leading a discussion about Uranus in Taurus specifically relating to earth quakes and Yellowstone park USA. Here is the reference which I promised to the group about the Uranus in Taurus article printed in The Mountain Astrologer issue 203 Feb/March 2019 pages 25- 31 by Ray Merriman. It is entitled
‘Uranus in Taurus, The “New Normal” Becomes Abnormal’

‘This lightly edited excerpt is taken from Ray Merriman’s book, ‘Forecast 2019′ , Seek it Publications 2018’ Quoted from The Mountain Astrologer.

Our next meeting is Saturday 7th March 2020 at 1.45pm- 3.45pm at Guist Post Office cafe. Ellen will be leading the session and bringing her chart to the group for people to discuss.

Monday January 26th

Hello, I had a good weekend; Saturday night I went out to Norwich to an event organised by ‘soulshine’ called ‘waking the wolf” which was a story telling event by Suzanne ‘the story weaver’, a lovely evening, and to make it really great they had cake and unusual teas; pomegranate and blood orange, really nice!

This coming Saturday 1st February we have our astrology group Norfolk Astrology Association meeting at Guist Post Office 1.45- 3.45pm.

Pat is leading the session looking at Uranus, planet of sudden change in its current move through earthy Taurus. She is looking at it in relation to volcanoes and has 3 charts she would like us to discuss. They are all of volcanoes which erupted recently, within 3 days of Uranus turning direct at 01.48 GMT on 11th Jan 2020.

Each chart is set for 12 noon local time on the day of eruption as it is impossible to know exactly when they started to erupt. These are:

1 Popocatepepetl volcano at Puebla Mexico 98w12 19N03
12 noon 9th Jan 2020

2 Taal Volcano Talisay Phillipines 122E58 10N44 12 noon 12th January 2020

3 Sakurajima volcano at Kagoshima 130E33 31N34 in Japan 12 noon 13th January 2020

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