Sunday 10th November- Saturday 16th November

Monday 11th November

Today we have the conjunction of Mercury, planet of communication and the sun. It is an interior conjunction- Mercury is between us and the sun. At this particular conjunction, the Sun, Mercury and earth are in exact alignment. This makes it possible to see the transit of Mercury and observe the tiny messenger planet scampering across the face of the giant sun. Although Mercury regularly makes interior conjunctions to the sun it is rare that the 3 heavenly bodies are all lined up so that the transit is visible. The next visible one is in November 2032! A word of warning, you must never look directly at the sun and the safest way to see a transit is by projecting the image onto card. However as with all sky watching you need a clear sky. Unfortunately, there is – not much chance of that here in Norfolk today. Still, you can always use the virtual telescope project if you would like to see it. I do love modern technology!

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