Sunday 6th October- Saturday 12th October

Thursday 10th October

It’s feeling autumnal here, it’s quite chilly and has been wet. I’ve cleared the allotment of the last of the beans and courgettes and will tackle the tomatoes in the poly tunnel soon. The sun is in Libra and will be until October 23rd but we certainly have a tinge of Scorpio in the air! Mercury planet of communication moved into Scorpio a week ago and Venus, planet of love joined him in the sign of mystery and intrigue on Tuesday October 8th. Venus is not too happy in Scorpio, it is the opposite sign to Taurus which is ruled by Venus. Astrologers say that Venus in Scorpio is in detriment.

Venus in Scorpio is courageous, mysterious and highly passionate. With mercury in the mix, look out for secrets coming to light.

Wednesday October 9th 2019 

Yesterday’s talk ‘The Mysterious Moon’ seemed to go down well with the group in Norfolk. I had quite a few people come up and say that they enjoyed it, which is always encouraging. The group were very welcoming and helpful and I stayed for a very tasty lunch. I do appreciate food that I haven’t had to cook!

Sunday 6th October

I’m happy to say that yesterday’s meeting of the Norfolk Astrological Association at Guist Post Office went off well and we had 8 people attend. We looked at progressions and solar returns and I hope I didn’t addle too many brains! Thank you to everyone who came along. Next month we will be meeting on the first Saturday in November- Saturday 2nd November 1.45 – 3.45pm in our usual place, Guist Post Office and Cafe. Joyce will be choosing a topic for us. When I hear from her I will post the details.

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