Sunday September 29th- Saturday October 5th

Friday 4th October

This morning Mars, planet of action moved into peace loving Libra. Mars is not particularly happy here, Mars is the natural ruler of the sign Aries which is Libra’s opposite sign. When a planet falls in its ruler’s opposite sign astrologers say that the planet is in detriment. Mars wants to act fast and directly whereas Libra wants to negotiate, consider or even please the other person. So this is a time to be patient with ourselves and to fight to correct imbalance and injustice.

Thursday October 3rd

The planets are on the move (as always) but today Mercury planet of communication is moving into secretive mysterious Scorpio. Along with that, Pluto planet of rebirth and transformation and ruler of Scorpio moves direct. It has been retrograde- appearing to go backwards since April of this year. This is a time of revelations and discussions of serious matters where secrets may come to light offering an opportunity for analysis and healing.

So if you have important issues to discuss now is a good time to do so. However, a word of caution, consider what you say carefully because once something is said it cannot be unsaid! I am a Sagittarius and it has taken me quite a few years to get the hang of that one!

Sunday 29th September

We are now in a new moon cycle, there was a new moon in Libra yesterday evening- Saturday 28th September. New moons occur every month and are times of new beginnings. In keeping with the Libra theme, this a time of balance and adjustment. It is often a time of harvest and with harvest comes work and decision making!

We have been busy this weekend, dodging the rain storms and collecting and processing fruit. Our neighbour very generously let us pick some of his pears and cooking apples and we have been chopping and slicing. We decided to cook and freeze the apples and to slice and dry the pears. We have a dehydrator- one of my Gemini husband’s gadgets and we have been drying pear slices to add to cereal. They are lovely and the house smells very autumnal at the moment. I do enjoy this time of year harvesting and preserving. It will be green tomato chutney time soon!

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