Sunday July 28th to Saturday August 3rd

1st August 2019

Today is the Pagan festival of Lamas or ‘loaf mass’, the harvest of the first fruits. If you are a gardener – like me then this you will probably be busy harvesting. We are fortunate enough of have a good crop of mini cucumbers which are running rampant in the poly tunnel. We also have quite a few courgettes and green beans. We’ve had masses of gooseberries which we had to fight the birds for. Here in rural Norfolk the farmers are flat out working to get the harvest in, I could hear the combines whirring away in the distance last night.

Wednesday July 31st

Tomorrow, Thursday 1st August is quite busy astrologically, firstly, we have a new moon in Leo. I like new moons, they signify the beginning of a new lunar month. They are good time to set intentions and remind ourselves where we are going and what we want to do. I need reminders, especially as I am now a lady of certain (forgetful) age! Leo is the sign of confidence, creativity and courage, so if you have been wanting to express yourself, now’s a good time to be brave and go for it!

Added to this, Mercury, planet of communication comes to the end of his retrograde period. this is when mercury appears to go backwards.This can be a time of confusion, delays and mixed messages. It is also a time for revelations and remembering. My mum had a clear out in her airing cupboard and discovered a load of family pictures that had been lurking there for years. That was quite a nice surprise, I had wondered where they had got to!

So for those of you who dread Mercury retrograde, it is almost over, only a few more hours to go. mercury goes direct at 04.57 am tomorrow morning so this is a time to look and move forward.

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