Astrologer’s Diary – Sunday 5th May to Saturday 11th May

Saturday 11th May

Yes! I got to see the moon last night, it was sailing high in Leo as I went to shut my chickens up in the chilly evening. We were extravagant last night and my husband lit a fire in May, it was very cosy. The rain has cleared now but it is quite cloudy in the West, so I might be lucky and get another glimpse of the moon which will be at first quarter early tomorrow morning. It will continue waxing all next week and be full next Saturday the 18th of May.
Photo of first quarter moon from sky watching.

Friday 10th May

We are having a lot of rain and grey skies recently here in Norfolk, and whilst this is good for our gardens, it rather restricts any sky watching activities! The moon is waxing but I haven’t seen it yet this lunation. Judging by the forecast I may have to wait a couple more days. The moon is currently in its own sign of Cancer which is home-loving, caring and sensitive. This afternoon it moves into creative, confident Leo. If the weather does clear at all then it will be visible all evening until 1.30am tomorrow morning as a waxing crescent. The time of the waxing moon is one of expansion and enthusiasm.

Thursday 9th May

I am excited to be running another joint workshop with yoga teacher Gini Harrison. This great event combining yoga and astrology at the summer solstice is coming up in June.

It is on Saturday June 22nd from 09:30-13:00

At the beautiful Kelling Studio in North Norfolk close to Holt post code-  NR25 7EW

 £30 per person. Booking essential as places are limited.

If you would like to join us, please contact me to book a place.

Tel 07749822495

Wednesday May 8th

Today Mercury planet of communication is next to – conjunct Uranus planet of sudden changes in surprises. They are in the sign of determined, creative Taurus. Mercury moves quickly so this aspect will last until Saturday, at this time expect things plans to change and things to come to light. Mercury and Uranus are both planets associated with ideas so you may have bright ideas and new ways of thinking. As they are in practical Taurus you may find find alternative solutions to practical problems. However, things may take longer than you would like them to, try not to rush, just let things evolve, Taurus is not a hurrier.

Tuesday 7th May

Good morning. What a difference a day makes, it’s lovely out there. Today I am working on my Inanna talk as the date is getting closer. It is on Saturday 15th June at the Astrological Association’s Conference at Wyboston Lakes in Bedfordshire, my home county. The conference theme this year is Turning Lead into Gold. My talk is Inanna and Ereshkigal, Into The Great Below. closer

  • Monday 6th May 2019 

This evening, at 19.25 BST Mercury, fast moving planet of communication moves from energetic Aries into steady, patient Taurus. If things have felt a bit hectic and rushed recently, then this shift should help you to slow down and smell the bluebells. Taurus is a sensual sign, so it is good time to relax and appreciate this beautiful time of year.

Sunday 5th May

Yesterday’s meeting of the Norfolk Astrological Association  went well and we had two new people, who I hope enjoyed it. I shared my ideas and charts for my talk that I am doing in June. The talk is at The Astrological Association Conference and is called – Inanna and Ereshkigal – Into The Great Below .Members of the group came up with some good ideas and suggestions and questions. I’d like to thank everyone for that. We are not having a session in June as most of us are away, so our next meeting will be Saturday 6th July at Guist Post Office. Pat has offered to choose a chart. I will post it when she gives me the details.

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