Astrologer’s Diary – Sunday 12th May to Saturday 18th May


Saturday 18th May 2019

This evening we will have a full moon in intense Scorpio. It is opposing the sun in Taurus- full moons always oppose the sun. Also today Venus, planet of values and relationships is in Taurus conjunct Uranus planet of sudden change. This is when things come to light and we can see what is really there. We may also need to make changes, and a bit of courage always helps with this when we have to do new things which feel scary. I’m building up for my talk at the astrological association conference. It is a month today, it is certainly exciting but a bit scary too, I speak in public quite regularly but it is the first time I have spoken at an astrology conference! The themes of my talk are very Taurus and Scorpio about the beautiful queen of heaven and fertility who goes down into the underworld to meet her dark sister.



Thursday 16th May 2019

Today, Mars planet of energy, enthusiasm and action moves from quick witted airy Gemini into sensitive moody Cancer. This is quite a shift, if things have been rather frantic of late, they should slow down a bit. However, do tread carefully as people (especially water signs) could be feeling quite sensitive and easily offended. A little bit of patience helps the world go round! I will have to remember that when I am trying to persuade my son to get to bed!
I found this crab on the beach last year and just had to take a photo! The symbol for Cancer is the crab; sensitive inside a hard shell.


Wednesday 15th May

Today Venus , planet of love and beauty moves into its own sign of Taurus. This is a very sensual placement so it is great time to relax and enjoy the good things in life, just watch out for overindulging on the cake front.

Venus joins the sun, Mercury and Uranus in Taurus. This is what astrologers call ‘Taurus season’ and at the risk of sounding like my mother, everything is so beautiful now, it is such a lovely time of year, so green and luxurious.

We went to the garden centre yesterday and they had a wonderful tunnel of wisteria which smelt so sweet in the spring sunshine.
I’m aiming to get into my allotment to day to try and tame all those enthusiastic weeds. Yesterday marked the start of a new growing season for our poly tunnel as I put the tomato plants into their new home, bring on the summer!


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