Astrologer’s Diary Sunday 31st March- Saturday 6th April

Friday 5th April

Today we have a New moon in Aries, so this is a great time for new beginnings and to start something. I’m going to out in the allotment to start preparing the poly-tunnel for the upcoming growing season. Gloves and lady fork at the ready!

Thursday 4th April 2019

This afternoon, I did a talk A Zip Round the Zodiac to Holt Probus club at The Feathers Hotel. I think (and hope) that the group enjoyed the talk. We were all pleased that my lap top and their projector managed to communicate with each other so we had an illustrated talk. I do like it when technology works! Thank you to everyone at Holt Probus club for inviting me to speak and making me so welcome.

Wednesday 3rd April

So did you get caught out on Monday by the April foolers? My hubby tried to trick me into believing they were building an underpass at our local Tesco so they were closed. By some miracle, I twigged, I am normally quite gullible! We didn’t prank our son, he was in too much of a teenage morning state, so we decided to be kind to him.

I am looking forward to doing a talk tomorrow ‘A Zip Round the Zodiac’ in Holt, Norfolk which is quite close to me. I am just making sure my shoes are clean for the occasion and that I have everything ready.

Monday 1st April

Happy April Fool’s Day! Look out for the trickster today! Mars, planet of action moved into quick witted, airy Gemini yesterday. This is a very fast and furious placement. Also, Mercury, ruler of Gemini and planet of communication is in Pisces, sign of illusion and deception. So watch out!

The origins of April Fool’s day are not totally clear, but there is one theory that it is down to the time of the celebration of the new year. In the UK the new year used to start on April 1st, this was out of sync with the rest of Europe, so in 1752 it was changed to January 1st. The story goes that some people were reluctant to change and still celebrated it on April the 1st, those who still clung to the old ways were classed as April Fools! Whatever the origins, have fun and watch out for the tricksters this morning.

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