Astrologer’s Diary Sunday 24th March- Saturday 30th March

Friday 29th March

On Wednesday I did a talk to a ladies’ group in Lincolnshire called ‘A Zip Round the Zodiac’. It seemed to go down well, there was certainly lots of interest and questions. I enjoyed it and was made very welcome, thank you to the ladies who invited me.

I am also preparing and reading up for a talk that I am doing in June at the Astrological Association’s conference in Wyboston, Bedfordshire in June. My talk is about the ancient Sumerian goddess, Inanna and her descent into the underworld to encounter her sister, Ereshkigal.

The title is -of my talk is Inanna and Ereshkigal – Descending into the Great Below

My hubby bought me a great book which is certainly bringing her to life for me. It came beautifully wrapped in white tissue paper and had a book mark with it. Very fitting for such a sensual goddess! It is written by Peter Grey 2007 Scarlet Imprint ISBN 978 0956720337.

Thursday 28th March

I have news for those of you who follow Mercury the messenger planet on his journey through our skies. Mercury is turning direct this evening. Since 5th March we have been in a period of Mercury retrograde, which is a time when Mercury appears to go backwards. Astrologically this means that Mercury’s messages don’t get through with their usual speed and clarity. So our every day communications often ends up going pear shaped and this can be frustrating to say the least. For example, we can get lost, like my hubby, son and I did the other night on our way to a concert at Sharrington village hall in deepest Norfolk. Luckily we got there in the end…Also messages can go astray and we may get mixed up with our appointments, or just get our wires crossed with someone, you know the sort of thing!

However, on the plus side- (there is always one of those) a Mercury retrograde period is a time to think differently. We may find ourselves going over old ground, or we find items we thought we had lost, or people from our past pop up unexpectedly, or we have inspirational ideas to help us overcome long standing problems.

As I wrote the other day, Mercury is currently in dreamy Pisces and added to this, it is now conjunct- up close to the planet Neptune. In astrology Neptune is associated with the same things as Pisces such as; inspiration, illusion, mysticism, dreams and compassion, this is because Neptune rules Pisces. Neptune is a slow moving outer planet and has been drifting through its own sign of Pisces since April 2011 and will continue to do so for another six years. When Mercury meets up with Neptune this is a real time for inspiration, intuition, compassion and dreams.

The other day on the radio I heard Enya’s Orinoco Flow which I thought was highly appropriate for Mercury conjunct Neptunium in Pisces.
I do like this time, I was born back in the ‘sixties when Neptune was conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. So I enjoy a bit of dreaming and drifting. How about you…?


Tuesday 26th March

Today  Venus planet of love and beauty moves into gentle Pisces. Astrologers call this placement exalted, as Venus is in its best sign where the love planet can express herself in the most gentle, graceful, compassionate way. This is a great time to be kind to ourselves and others, but do remember that you may have a tendency to view a loved one with rose coloured spectacles. This is lovely, but do remember to take a reality check every now and then!

Sunday 24th March 2019

I have just received the birth details of the mystery person whose chart we will be looking at and discussing at our next meeting of the Norfolk Astrology Association where all astrology lovers are welcome. Come and chat and share cake and coffee, they  have a great selection of goodies.

1.45pm -3.45pm Saturday 6th April

Guist Post Office cafe Norfolk – NR20 5AJ This is approx six miles south of  Fakenham on the A1067.

This month we are discussing the personality traits of a person chosen by a member of our group, Liam.

The natal chart details are for a person born 06/01/1915 Chislehurst Kent. Please also do a solar return chart for 1951 which was a very significant year for this person.

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