Astrologer’s Diary Sunday 10th March- Saturday 16th March

Friday 15th March 2019

Early this morning, Mercury, planet of communication was conjunct – (at the same degree as) the Sun. Astronomers call this the inferior conjunction when an inner planet (Mercury or Venus) passes between the earth and the sun. This conjunction marks Mercury’s movement from the evening sky to the morning sky. It is the time when Mercury goes retrograde. From February 18th to March 5th Mercury was visible in the evening. On the 5th March, it became impossible to see because it was swamped by the sun’s glare. It will remain invisible until the 23rd March when it will be visible once again, rising early in the morning, just ahead of the sun.

Symbolically, this period when Mercury is invisible to the naked eye is when he goes into the ‘underworld’ and he takes on a different otherworldly tone. It is a time for introspection and reflection.
Photo of Mercury taken at The rijks museum cafe in Amsterdam

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Tuesday 12th March 2019

I do like Pisces season, lots of great art is appearing. Here is the latest Lizz Lunney post card. It came today and is the tenth in her Character Zodiac series. Her character for the month is Yellow Dungaree Rabbit. He is very creative and is happily slapping paint around. He looks rather Piscean to me, happily creating and going with the flow.

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Monday 11th March

I saw this post on Urania’s Well Facebook Page – Neptune the god of the seas mysteriously and anonymously appears on the shore at Rome in Italy. This looks like synchronicity to me, or may be careful planning.. who knows? Anyway , Neptune rules magical Pisces and we are in the flow of Pisces at the moment with the sun, Mercury and Neptune all in Pisces. I’m always up for a bit of magic and mystery!

Urania’s Well

This is Urania’s Well’s post on Sunday 10th March 2019
Right now, we have three of the outer planets — Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune — in the signs they rule. This gives these planets considerable strength, and indicates profound, ongoing changes on a collective level.

Neptune is especially in play this month and next, as Mercury goes retrograde in Neptune’s oceanic and mysterious domain, and Venus joins it there at the end of the month. So I found it particularly appropriate that some inspired but unknown artist recently placed a statue of Neptune on the shore in Rome.

We would do well to remember that the oceans drive our weather and are foundational to our food chain. Meanwhile, we treat them like a sewer. Such hubris.…/statue-of-neptune-appears-on…

A mysterious statue of Neptune, which appeared unexpectedly on Rome’s coast in recent days, has become the focus of much attention in the Ostia neighbourhood of the capital.

Sunday 10th March

Well Mercury retrograde’s influence kicked in for us last night! We set off to see a musical concert in deepest Norfolk in a village called Sharrington. It seemed straightforward enough but we managed to get lost and keep driving round in circles in the dark. This was despite having google maps; it kept sending us to the local Hall instead of the village hall. We were not alone, there were several cars doing a circuit of twisty lanes and tight turns! We were about to give up when I spotted lights in the distance and hooray we found it! We were just in the nick of time to get a drink and a seat before the performance started. I think the hall may have a bit of a reputation for being a devil to find as the organiser asked the audience who had got lost, quite a few hands went up..

The music was lovely and well worth the confusing journey.

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