Astrologer’s Diary Sunday 17th February – Saturday 23rd February


Saturday 23rd March 2019

What a beautiful day it was again today. It seems that everyone I know has been working in their gardens. So I did make a start with my allotment and started digging out some of the soil in my polly tunnel so I can move the compost heaps around.

Today Venus, planet of beauty is conjunct Pluto, planet of transformation and change. They are both in the practical earth sign of Capricorn. So this is a good time to assess what we have and decide what we want to do with it. It is a good time for a clear out, for as the old saying goes, one man’s junk is anther man’s treasure. Meanwhile I will continue digging in my allotment to see what treasures I can dig up, apart from bindweed roots of course!No photo description available.

Friday 22nd February 

I put my new litter picker to good use yesterday afternoon and I am really impressed with it. It is very nimble, great for collecting fiddly bits and squashed cans.  I collected almost a bin bag full of litter after going on a circular route starting from our lane. I went back through our village and was impressed by how little litter there was there. Most of it seems to be lurking in the rural lanes.

Thursday 21st February 2019

I was very excited today. Some would say sad. I had a present from my hubby, a litter picker stick! Hooray.

In one way this is not good because in an ideal world I would not need one as no one would drop their litter. However, in the real world I do need one because people do drop litter.

I was thinking about how litter picking ties back to Tuesday’s full moon in Virgo opposing all that Pisces. Virgos like things to be tidy and also like to help and both Pisces and Virgo are good at serving others.

Litter is one of my long standing bug bears, I remember going round our village when I was a kid picking up litter, yes I’ve always been a bit odd!

I am a Saggittarian born in the mid sixties with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. They are both planets of change and as they are slow moving they influence whole generations of people. In addition to this, I have Mars, planet of action in Virgo. Perhaps this is my way of expressing my need to change and improve my environment. I can’t wait to try out the litter picker and have a good mutter into the bargain!!No photo description available.

Wednesday 20th February 2019

Yesterday’s full moon in Virgo opposed the Sun in Pisces, so the themes for this time are about analyzing what we need to let go of. Virgo is a very analytical and practical sign and Pisces is about acceptance and release. Mercury rules Virgo and is the planet of communication. At the moment Mercury is in Pisces conjunct (next to) Neptune which rules Pisces. Mercury is in detriment and fall in Pisces (it is not very happy) but the up side is that Pisces and Neptune are good at letting go. So it is best to trust our instincts and let go of that which we know is not working for us and to do it with Piscean gentleness and compassion -if we can!

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Tuesday 19th February 2019

Good morning. Did you see the moon last night? Wow, it was so bright here in Norfolk; riding high and proud in Leo. It is full this evening, the exact time is this afternoon at 15.53 GMT. It is still moving through Leo at the moment and moves into Virgo at 14.48 GMT. So the full moon will be in Virgo. Here in the UK (London) it rises at 17.11, a few minutes before sunset. So weather permitting it should be a beautiful sight.

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Monday 18th February

Today we have two changes astrologically;  firstly, Chiron the healer changes signs. Chiron is a Centaur, it is a comet and a minor planet and it orbits in an uneven elliptical orbit around the sun between Saturn and Uranus. So astrologers often see it as a bridge between the traditional and the unusual.

Today it leaves gentle, sensitive Pisces where it has been for the last 8 years. It makes its move into go getting Aries, where it will stay for the next eight years. I have mentioned this before as it first entered Aries last year then returned to Pisces for a few months, now it is in Aries for the next eight years and won’t return to Pisces until 2061.

Chiron in Aries is about asserting ourselves and being courageous.

Also today the sun moves into sensitive gentle Pisces leaving humanitarian Aquarius. This is a time to embrace possibilities and go with the flow. Mercury, planet of communication is already floating through Pisces. So for the upcoming month, happy birthday to all you Pisces, I know one who is having a special birthday tomorrow! 😍

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Sunday 17th February 

It’s just under two weeks until The Norfolk Astrology Association meeting on Saturday March 2nd at Guist Post Office Cafe. Everyone interested in astrology is welcome. Come and have a chat about astrology; join us for coffee or tea and maybe even a piece of cake, Guist Post Office cafe always has a great selection.🙂

SAT, 2 MAR AT 13:45
Guist Post Office cafe, Norfolk NR20 5AJ
This month we are discussing the personality traits of a person chosen by a member of our group, Loraine.
The natal chart details are:
4th Feb 1913 Birmingham, Alabama, US Time 05.12 am
The significant event for this person occurred on 01 Dec 1955 Montgomery, Alabama, US at 18.00. 
Please draw up a transit chart for this event and a bi wheel to compare it with the natal chart.

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