Sunday 6th January to Saturday 12th January

Saturday 12th January 2019

Today, Venus planet of love, attractiveness and relationships is moving generous, enthusiastic Sagittarius. It is making a trine – a positive aspect to Mars, planet of energy and action in Aries. Both Sagittarius and Aries are fire signs, enthusiastic and passionate. This is a good time to do what you enjoy, particularly when it comes to relationships. Time to have some fun!
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Friday 11th January 

Our upcoming meeting of the Norfolk Astrology Association
(NAA for short) is on Saturday 2nd February. The chart below is the one we are interpreting. I am looking forward to it.


On Saturday, 2 February 2019 from 13:45-15:45

At Guist Post Office cafe on the A1067. Post code- NR20 5AJ

This month we are looking at a chart of a mystery person supplied by Pat. (See chart above). We are also looking at an event in this person’s life. The date of this event is 29/04/1991 London, time unknown. We are using a flat chart (12 noon)
Hosted by Norfolk Astrology Association
For more details contact me, Claire Manion
tel 07749822495

Thursday 10th January 2018

The waxing moon is now in Pisces, but I don’t think we will get to see her in Norfolk this evening as the weather is very grey and miserable. The sun, (who we haven’t seen at all today) is in Capricorn, sign of business and authority. It is moving closer to Pluto, planet of change and transformation. They will be conjunct at the same degree tomorrow the 10th January. Pluto moves very slowly, it takes 248 years to orbit the sun. It has been moving through Capricorn since 2008. The sun illuminates issues, so it will be interesting to see if anything comes to light tomorrow. Mercury, the communication planet has moved into Capricorn and will catch Pluto up on the 18th January, so look out for news around that time.

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Wednesday 9th January 

It’s been a stormy day here in Norfolk, I’ve seen two rainbows. The waxing moon is in sociable, freethinking Aquarius until 19.43. I have been making plans about group activities today which are all very exciting! Watch this space for news…

The moon is now visible in the South West, it is setting and will descend below the horizon soon, at 18.37 tonight. So if you would like a peek, pop out now or in the next few minutes before it disappears from view.

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Tuesday 8th January 2019

Today, Mars planet of action in Aries is square (making a tense aspect to) Mercury the communication planet. I have been feeling quite scattered today, perhaps that is why it’s taken me until 9 pm to post this. Uh oh, well, I have managed to make some necessary phone calls and emails.
Mercury is speedy so this square lasts around a week and it is good for getting your message across and doing what you keep saying you will. Under this aspect, it can be quite easy to upset people without meaning to, so thinking before you act or speak is a good idea. (something I have to remind myself of!)

Mercury also rules short journeys, so give yourself a bit of extra time as everyone may be in a bit of a rush at the moment!

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Monday 7th January 2019

Today, Venus planet of love, attraction and all things nice is moving into excitable,generous Sagittarius. It moved into deep, mysterious Scorpio in September and had a bit of a backwards dance into Libra throughout November before returning to Scorpio in December. Now with Venus’ move into Sagittarius,  the emotional tempo should change to feel lighter and more upbeat, but watch out for temptation; Sagittarius is not the most restrained of signs! (Speaking as one who knows…😉)
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Sunday 6th January 2019

Today, Uranus, planet of change and rebellion turns direct. So now all the planets are direct, this is the first time this has happened for 10 months, 2018 saw quite a lot of retrograde planets, particularly in the summer. So that was a time of delays, backtracking and introspection. Now we can start to look forward!

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