Astrologer’s Diary Sunday December 23rd- Saturday December 29th


Saturday 29th December 2018

Today, Mars planet of assertiveness conjuncts (gets up close and personal) with Centaur Chiron the healer. This is a tricky combination, particularly as go ahead Mars is in soft sensitive Pisces at the moment. So we may be feeling extra sensitive and easily upset today. However, there is always a silver lining in that this is good time to look at what we get upset about and why and to be compassionate with ourselves, after all none of us are perfect!

The glyph for Chiron looks like a key.




Friday December 28th

I find that this time of year there is a sense of waiting. The media call this week Twixtmas and it is like that. After all the build up, Xmas is over but the new year has yet to kick in. This year, the waning moon is moving into Libra at 20.22 GMT. Libra is the sign of balance; the sun is there at harvest time, when decisions are being made about what to keep and what to get rid of. It is like that now too, so this is a great time to decide what to keep; that new coat you had for Christmas and what to give away; the old tatty one that it replaces! It can also go for habits , after all the new year is only a couple of days away! 😉

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Thursday 27th December 

I hope you had a good Christmas and that you enjoyed the festivities over the last two days and that Santa brought you what you wanted. He was very generous here, he brought me a very pretty moon necklace. Thank you Santa, he knows me so well! 🙂
Today the moon is in Virgo making a positive aspect to the sun, so you may feel like having a bit of a tidy up and sort out. We are here; my son is doing his homework, I am very impressed. I am finishing off my astrology writing for Let’s Talk magazine, the deadline is soon. Have a good day!

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Monday 24th December 2018

Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you have a great day. We are ready here, sprouts, carrots and beef ready to roll tomorrow. 😍

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Sunday 23rd December 2018

Wasn’t the full moon beautiful last night? It was so bright, I went visiting friends last night and could see quite clearly when I drove home. I did use my headlights though!  It has been very wet here today and is still raining now, so no moonlit trips up the lane for me tonight. Astrologically, the moon is still in its own sign of Cancer. The moon symbolises our emotions and rules Cancer which is a very caring, protective, home loving sign. So this soggy Sunday is a good time to be at home (if you can!) We had some (different) friends visit today, yes I am lucky, I have more than two friends..!  My hubby cooked the Sunday lunch which was very nice and our friends brought pudding, even better! 😍

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