Winter Solstice December 2017

This December is a busy time of year astrologically as well as socially! Yesterday, Wednesday 20th December, Saturn, planet of responsibility, time, rules, restriction and hard work changed signs. It has moved from Sagittarius into Capricorn. It has been in Sagittarius for over two years. Sagittarius rules education and it is interesting to note that the law changed in 2017 so that now teenagers must stay in education until age 18.

Things should feel a bit lighter for all us Saggies as Saturn has moved out of our sign. However, Saturn has gone into its own sign of Capricorn, so these next two years will be an opportunity for us all to work and focus on what we would like to build for ourselves. Capricorn is an ambitious, focused sign which likes to plan ahead so it is time to set some firm foundations in place.

Today, Thursday 21st December, the sun follows Saturn into Capricorn.The sun’s move into Capricorn indicates the winter solstice (in the northern hemisphere). It occurs at 4.29 pm GMT today. So tonight is the longest night. This is the turning point of the year, when the sun’s strength starts to increase. I wish you all a very happy festive season.

Mid winter sunrise.




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