New Moon in Libra 2017

Today there is a new moon in Libra; the sign of balance and harmony. A new moon occurs when the sun and the moon are at the same degree of the zodiac. This occurs every 29.5 days; approximately once a month and is a time of opportunity and new beginnings.

This new moon is emphasizing the Libran theme of harmony and balance. However, it is opposing Uranus, planet of change and rebellion in the assertive sign of Aries. This suggests a continuing need to shake up things. We will probably need to call upon our negotiating skills to create a new way of relating so change can occur. This can feel quite scary but Mercury, planet of communication is in courageous Scorpio which should help matters.

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Jupiter in Scorpio October 10th 2017 to November 8th 2018 : a year of intensity

Jupiter, planet of expansion is moving tomorrow, Tuesday 10th October. It has been in Libra; the sign of relationships and balance for a year and is now going into Scorpio. This has a rather different feel; Libra is light and airy, Scorpio is emotional, deep, intense and private. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which represents our passion and energy and Pluto which is about transformation.

This year offers an opportunity to be honest with ourselves, cut through the dross and get to the core of issues.  We may want to dig deep emotionally and learn more about how we and others tick, or we may choose to learn out mysterious, hidden information. Whatever we choose, it  is a time to show our strength and commit to what we need to do.

However, there is a need to to be aware that both Jupiter and Scorpio can get carried away so a little logic can go a long way. At the moment, both the sun and mercury are in harmonious Libra so this should help balance things.
(Picture taken from Horoscope Sign)

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