Welcome to the Sun King!

Hi there

Last Sunday, when the full moon was in the sign of Leo ruled by the sun, I made a sun king. He bears a resemblance to the biblical 3 kings – I am happy with that, they were astrologers after all. My sun is in Sagittarius, ruled by grand Jupiter; quite a fiery combination. I chose purple and orange robes as Jupiter’s colour is purple and the sun’s is orange. Purple is also a royal colour, I remember my grandfather telling me that when I was about nine!

The idea for a sun king came from the fact that I scored quite low with my sun: 18 points on Donna Cunningham’s test (see my post “Which planet most influences you?” 12/01/2016 ) particularly when you compare it to a stonking great score of 85 for the moon. Added to that, my sun is hidden away in the 12th house of the zodiac so it is quite secretive and shy, even though it is in gregarious Sagittarius.


So I am honouring my sun energy; my creativity, my confidence and my sense of self. It is a very empowering exercise and great fun! It is also a great time of year to do it at Imbolc – the Pagan fire festival celebrating the Celtic goddess Brigid. She is a goddess of many things including creativity, smithing and healing.

So let’s welcome the returning of the light!








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