Moon Workshop a success

Hi there

I’m pleased to report that the moon workshop was a success. Thank you to everyone who came and joined in. It really enjoyed sharing my knowledge with you. A big thank you to Cynthia for oragnising the event.

Due to the miserable weather we didn’t get to see the waxing crescent moon in Sagittarius but I did get to see it on Sunday evening in the South West sky- by then it was in Capricorn and looking lovely.




Moon Workshop – almost here

Hi there

It’s the 12th November and the moon workshop is in two days’ time. I’m ready to roll and getting excited about it; looking forward to meeting new people and sharing my passion.

Talking of passion, we have just had a new moon in Scorpio (yesterday 11th November), Scorpio is a very intense sign, it is ruled by Pluto, one of ‘The Gods of Change’ to quote Howard Sasportas- this is the title of an excellent book by him. I have a very well thumbed copy on my shelf. So now is the time of year when we can release the outmoded and unwanted and embrace the new with courage ( Scorpio is co ruled by Mars, the planet of courage).The 12th November is also a special day for me as it was the birthday of my Grandmother, Edith . She was a typical Scorpio, intense, passionate and not one to be crossed. Luckily for me we got on well..





November- time of mystery and magic.

Hi there

Yes Autumn is truly upon us, we went to the Fairyland Trust’s magical ‘Real Halloween’ at Holt Hall in Norfolk on Friday. For me the highlight is the animal lantern parade.


We shuffled slowly through the scented leaf mould in the woods at


dusk, a river of people (a lot of them under 5!)  swaying to the rhythm of the drums and following the bobbing animal lanterns. It is a great way to welcome in the dark months. I know some people dislike winter but I like it, someone told me it is because I’m winter born. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as reluctant as the next person to get out of bed on a grey November morning and I hate having cold feet- a regular complaint, but there is something precious and magical about the short intense bright winter days. I’m lucky enough to have a real fire so I like to indulge myself in the evenings huddled over it, (hogging it) until my husband complains that he can’t get a look in!

The sun is now in mysterious Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, god of the underworld. Scorpios are known to be resilient and courageous. They are usually very intuitive and good at instinctively knowing things; excellent at delving and unearthing other people’s secrets. However, they are not so keen to divulge their own… Mercury, planet of the mind moves into this sign to join the sun today. Consequently, this a good time for introspection and trusting your intuition, particularly when Mercury moves to make a harmonious aspect – a trine with intuitive Neptune in Pisces. (between November 1st to 12th). When Mercury is in Scorpio we may miss the logical and blindingly obvious but are likely to be spot on with our hunches. With Neptune in the mix we could get a little carried away with fantasies, so it’s a great time to gather round the fire and let your imagination run free creating wonderful (and possibly scary) stories!

Photos from the Fairyland Trust website