Yes, I saw the eclipse of the super moon


Well, I saw it hooray! The supermoon eclipse, a beautiful rusty red edged with silver. I got up around 3.45 just on totality and knew it was happening as it had been so startlingly bright earlier in the night and it was dark when I woke. My son insisted on seeing it so we both peered out of his bedroom window and were rewarded with a lovely view. He, satisfied with this went back to sleep. I just had to creep out in to the garden to take photos (not good) and absorb the magical atmosphere (very good). This fantastic photo was taken from  St Florence, Tenby, Wales, on September 28, 2015 and was very similar to the view we had in Norfolk.

TLE2004-139wIt’s still fantastic tonight, I saw it as it was rising and it appeared as a golden orb, floating just above the road, brighter than the street lights.  It has risen now and is scattering silver everywhere.



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