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Hi there,

I am Claire and I’ve always been interested in maps, whether a crayoned treasure map as a kid or an ordinance survey map as an adult, the secrets they hold have always thrilled me.

I discovered astrology at 19 when I had my chart done and with it I discovered the biggest, most far reaching map of all. A map that allows you navigate the tricky path of your life, illuminating the stopping off points and future destinations like no other map can. I was hooked and still am.

As with all maps, to use them correctly and to their fullest, you need learn to recognise the symbols used and learn the key. This takes time and guidance and can become a life’s journey.

Mine has been peopled by classes, books and courses.  Liz Greene’s in depth discussions about astrology, mythology and psychology led me to take a psychology degree. My need to communicate what I had learned led me Norfolk and a teaching qualification.

Norfolk’s clear dark skies offer a fantastic opportunity to follow the movements of the constellations and planets, particularly the moon and I am a great advocate of ‘back porch’ astronomy, which allows us to see this great map writ large above us. I am a Saggittarian and am always looking over the horizon to see where I want to gallop off to next!

So here I am at my next destination, sharing my knowledge and passion for a subject that has given me so much pleasure and guidance.


Recent Posts

Uranus moves into Taurus May 15th 2018

Astrologically, a shift is happening; to quote that famous song written in 1964 by Bob Dylan ‘The Times they are a changing’. The lyrics as as relevant now as they were when they were
written over 50 years ago. They remind us to keep pace with life,

‘The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past’

Uranus, planet of sudden change, innovation and invention moved from Aries into Taurus today at 15th May at 4.16pm BST. Uranus is slow moving, it takes 84 years to orbit the sun so spends around seven years in each zodiac sign. Its move into Taurus coincides with the monthly new moon, also in Taurus. Taurus is an earthy sign, connected to our values, our and all things sensual.

This Taurus new moon suggests major awakenings; a time to shake up to look at how we use our resources and to change what is not working and to embrace new ideas and put them into into practice, both individually and collectively. On a collective level we are likely to see changes in how we use money, how food is grown and distributed and the arts and music as these are all connected to Taurus. Exciting and creative times ahead.

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