‘Super’ Full Moon in Gemini December 2017

Have you seen the moon recently? It was full last night and was and still is, incredibly bright. This is because this month’s full moon is a ‘Super Moon’. This occurs when the full moon coincides with its perigee position, or its nearest point to the earth. The moon’s orbit of the earth is elliptical (oval) so its distance from us varies throughout the month.

This full moon was in Gemini and highly visible all night. A full moon always rises around sun set and sets around sunrise. As it wanes it rises and sets later each day. Here in Norfolk, it rose at 4.11 pm last night and set at 8.14 am. We were lucky enough to see it setting over our neighbour’s roof this morning. This evening, it rose at 5 pm and will set at 9.24am, so have a look out for it tomorrow if it’s not too misty!

Astrologically, this is a time of reflection, Mercury planet of communication rules this full moon in Gemini and Mercury is in Sagittarius. Mercury has just stationed, ready to go backwards (retrograde) when Mercury goes retrograde communication can get tangled and plans can go awry.

Both Sagittarius and Gemini are interested in communication. Gemini likes information and Sagittarius likes the big picture, they are both adaptable but distractable mutable signs.They are also both making a hard aspect to Neptune in Pisces, another mutable sign. There may be confusion and distraction in the air, so now is a good time to assimilate information, reflect, look at things from different angles and to let events unfold before rushing to make decisions.

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New Moon in Scorpio November 18th 2017

Today we start another lunar cycle with the new moon in Scorpio. Venus and Jupiter are joining the sun and moon in Scorpio, so there is quite a strong emphasis on this sign. Scorpio is in intense passionate sign, very determined and instinctual. So this is a time to ‘trust your gut’ over things, especially matters of the heart which are ruled by Venus, planet of love and relationships.

Venus is an ‘interior’ planet; it is between the earth and the sun. So from our perspective it always appears quite close to the sun. The furthest it can be away from sun is 48 degrees.

This means that whatever your sun sign Venus will either be in the same sign, the one next to it or the one beyond it. For example, as a Scorpio you could only have Venus in Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Sagittarius or Capricorn. This is where astrology gets interesting when you start blending all the different influences.
The whole chart has to be considered, but if you have two people with sun in Scorpio; both are likely to be display Scorpio traits such as being private, determined and intuitive. However, if one of them has Venus in Sagittarius which is an open, upbeat sign they are likely to be more out going than the one with Venus in Scorpio. The Venus in Scorpio person would have a ‘double dose’ of Scorpio so is likely to be very private about affairs of the heart. (photo from the astrology place)

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New Moon in Libra 2017

Today there is a new moon in Libra; the sign of balance and harmony. A new moon occurs when the sun and the moon are at the same degree of the zodiac. This occurs every 29.5 days; approximately once a month and is a time of opportunity and new beginnings.

This new moon is emphasizing the Libran theme of harmony and balance. However, it is opposing Uranus, planet of change and rebellion in the assertive sign of Aries. This suggests a continuing need to shake up things. We will probably need to call upon our negotiating skills to create a new way of relating so change can occur. This can feel quite scary but Mercury, planet of communication is in courageous Scorpio which should help matters.

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Jupiter in Scorpio October 10th 2017 to November 8th 2018 : a year of intensity

Jupiter, planet of expansion is moving tomorrow, Tuesday 10th October. It has been in Libra; the sign of relationships and balance for a year and is now going into Scorpio. This has a rather different feel; Libra is light and airy, Scorpio is emotional, deep, intense and private. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which represents our passion and energy and Pluto which is about transformation.

This year offers an opportunity to be honest with ourselves, cut through the dross and get to the core of issues.  We may want to dig deep emotionally and learn more about how we and others tick, or we may choose to learn out mysterious, hidden information. Whatever we choose, it  is a time to show our strength and commit to what we need to do.

However, there is a need to to be aware that both Jupiter and Scorpio can get carried away so a little logic can go a long way. At the moment, both the sun and mercury are in harmonious Libra so this should help balance things.
(Picture taken from Horoscope Sign)

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Autumn Equinox September 22nd 2017

The word ‘equinox’ comes from the Latin, and it means ‘equal night’ and there are approximately 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. This occurs when the sun crosses the equator which happens twice a year; in March and September. In astrology the sun moves into Aries  at the March equinox signifying the start of the astrological year. Now in September, the sun moves into Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac and Aries’ opposite sign. The timings vary slightly every year, this year it is  September 22nd at 21.01 BST.


In the Northern Hemisphere winter is approaching and the harvest is occurring and the collecting and sorting of produce is necessary. In paganism the autumn Equinox is celebrated as ‘Mabon’ which is Celtic for son. This is when the harvest festivals occur and the earth’s gifts are celebrated and carefully stored.  In my allotment I have already pulled up the bean plants, gathered the last of my beans and weeded the plot. However, I have more to do of course, I still have carrots and beetroot in the ground and loads of tomatoes in the poly tunnel.

Harvest is a time of balance and reflection, an opportunity to look at what we did since the spring equinox and see our successes and failures. In my allotment I foolishly planted spring cabbage plants in July without covering them in netting. I knew I was taking a risk as we have a very active Large White butterfly community in our corner of Norfolk. To quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman ‘Big mistake! Huge!’ They were munched by a million caterpillars, well loads anyway. (I’m a Sag, prone to exaggeration) I tried to rescue them and covered the survivors a few weeks ago, too little too late I fear. My note to self is trust my intuition and act on it not just rush in without planning and thinking! This is  something which I am not always good at. However, I know it is worth doing if I want the results that I know I can achieve.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful Autumn, I’m off to pick sloes.

Byee Claire

Saturn in Sagittarius -direct today 25th August

Today Saturn, planet of responsibility and working to achieve your goals, turns direct. This is part of a pattern, it has been retrograding (going backwards) since April 2017. When planets retrograde, it is a time to slow down and think about the issues they represent. These last four months may have been a time of struggle; Saturn it is about hard work and discipline. It is in Sagittarius, the sign of freedom, travel and learning. Sagittarians in particular may have felt as if they were getting nowhere fast. However, Saturn in Sagittarius is about learning valuable lessons, namely if you want to achieve you need to be realistic, focused and hard working. Sagittarius can be distractable and rely on luck. So this is a good time now as the goal should be in sight and Saturn reminds us to keep going and we can achieve what we need to, with a little bit of that Saggitarian good luck thrown in for good measure

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Broad Sky Astrology at Trunchonbury at the August Bank Holiday weekend.

I had a good day yesterday at the Spiritual Flow Mind Body Spirit Fair at Dereham and enjoyed doing readings for people. My next event will be the bank holiday weekend at The Healing Field Trunchonbury Festival. This runs from Friday 25th – Sunday 27th August 2017 and the opening times for the healing field are;Friday 25th 4pm-8pm Saturday 26th 10am- 8pm and Sunday 10am-6pm. it looks a really great event with loads going on, lots of great music and fun. I am looking forward to it!


Broad Sky Astrology at Swaffham Saturday 8th July

This Saturday 8th July 2017 10am-4pm I will be in Swaffham with Spiritual Flow Mind Body Spirit Fair

This is held at  The Assembly Rooms, Market Place, Swaffham, Norfolk, PE37 7QH. It is in a lovely building right in the centre of Swaffham and is free to enter. There are refreshments served and it is a very warm , friendly event. I will be offering astrology birth chart readings and astro card readings. I hope to see you there.


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Summer Solstice

Wishing you all a happy Summer solstice. I hope you can get out and enjoy this lovely weather. Everything feels at full peak; the beans are flowering in my allotment, there is loads of lettuce in the cold frame and the hedgerows are beautiful.
We are at a turning point in the year, a time to appreciate the sun’s creative power.

The sun moved into the sign of Cancer the crab at this morning as 5.24am B.S.T. People born under this sign are home loving, caring and sensitive. They are often protective of their family and loved ones.


Photo from http://www.guycounseling.com/4-cancer-sign-symbols-you-nev…/