Sunday May 17th – Saturday May 23rd

Friday 22nd May

Today we have a new moon in Gemini when the moon meets up with the sun. This indicates a new lunar cycle and Venus, planet of love and values is in Gemini suggesting that this cycle is one where creativity can be shared. Mercury, planet of communication rules Gemini and Mercury is all about communicating ideas. What new ideas do you want to air as we welcome in the summer? New moons are always a good time to set intentions. Do you have any? Mine is to listen more to what other people say… I am also going to embrace technology with the astrology group on 6th June. The sun will be in Gemini and that is very mercurial, discussing ideas over the internet. Please contact me if you would like to join us.

Wednesday 20th May

The sun moves from slow, sensual earthy Taurus into bright changeable Gemini. It is definitely time for a change of pace and Geminis get bored easily, so that is why they like to tease us lesser mortals and keep us on our toes, or in my case, run rings round me! Happy birthday to all you Geminis, look out for some fun.

Sunday May 10th – Saturday May 16th

Thursday May 14th

I hope you are keeping OK throughout these very difficult times. I am pleased to say that I have some good news; Norfolk Astrology Association is embracing technology! We are having our first meeting since lock-down using Zoom. I would like to thank Chris from the Astrology Association who has set our first meeting up for us and is hosting it on his Zoom account.

Our meeting is on Saturday 6th June and starts at 2pm. The theme for this meeting is Mercury and will be lead by me, Claire. I will start with a discussion about Mercury’s current placement then move onto a guided visualization on Mercury. This will be followed by a feed back and discussion session. Please dig out your birth chart details so you can look at and discuss Mercury within your chart.

‘Doors’ will open about 15 minutes earlier, to get everyone settled in. I look forward to seeing you there. If you would like to join us, please contact me Claire Manion via PM or email and I will email you the link.

The joy of this is, that you don’t need to be in Norfolk to join us, all you need is a phone/ laptop/ computer and an internet connection and you can join us from anywhere!

Mercury the messenger

Monday 11th May

Today, Mercury planet of communication, moves into witty Gemini which is one of the two signs that it rules. The other is Virgo. Mercury is very happy in Gemini and incredibly fast and changeable. It whizzes through this sign and will move into sensitive Cancer at the end of this month on 28th May.

So for the next 17 days or so, expect communication to speed up whilst mercury is skipping lightly through its own sign, it is definitely in familiar territory. This is the time to get to grips with all that writing, thinking and chatting. I am hoping to arrange an online meeting of our local astrology group- the Norfolk Astrology Association.

Sunday 3rd May – Saturday 9th May

Tuesday 5th May

For those of you who like sky watching Venus is beautiful at the moment. It is so bright, look to the West after sunset and that bright diamond is Venus, planet of love! Make the most of the view at is soon disappearing from our evening skies to make a conjunction with the sun on 3rd June.

Venus – goddess of love.

The moon is growing in strength too and is visible in the late afternoon and evening as a waxing gibbous.

Waxing gibbous moon and hedgerow – rural Norfolk UK 04/05/20

Monday 4th May

Here in the UK we are entering our seventh week in lock down and in our household we are settling in to it reasonably OK. Our consumption of chocolate has definitely gone up, and occasionally we take it in turns to have stir crazy moments, but on the whole we are managing to hold it together.

I am pleased to say that this week two groups who had to cancel my talks due to COVID 19 have rebooked me for 2021 so that’s good news! Thank you.

I am also happy that this week, I have a few new and interesting ‘virtual’ events to attend; Firstly, the Astrological Association is running a session for all local astrology group organizers to show us how to use Zoom. I hope I can get the hang of it with the idea of moving the Norfolk Astrology Association meetings online for the duration of the social restrictions.

Secondly, I have been invited to a group session by Dianne Mannering who runs a website advertising speakers for local groups. My talks are on there under Norfolk and she is introducing us speakers to an online platform for our talks, so I am going to attend that too. I hope I can look at delivering my astrology talks online.

On Thursday 7th May it is the full moon in Scorpio and I am joining an online moon group of women connecting to the energy of the full moon for a womb blessing with Miranda Gray. I am looking forward to that too. Thank goodness for the internet to keep me connected and

our allotment and garden to keep me grounded and for sugary carbs to keep me happy!

Sunday 26th April to Saturday May 2nd

Monday 27th April

Yesterday was a good day; I went for a lovely walk in the sunny countryside, then I saw a beautiful conjunction of the crescent moon and the planet Venus together in the evening sky. It went cloudy a few minutes after I had my first view, which made me appreciate it more! Then I listened to a great talk from one of my favourite astrologers, Melanie Reinhart entitled ‘Our relationship with astrology.’ It was very good and made me think about astrology and what it means to me and how I use it, very interesting and thought provoking. She was talking about Urania who was one of the nine muses, she was the muse of astronomy. My hubbie took this photo of me in front of Urania last October when we went to Achilleion palace in Corfu.

Me posing with my large handbag in front of Urania, the Muse of Astronomy.

Saturday 25th April

Another week in lockdown and the weather has been fantastic here in Norfolk. I went to the supermarket today, the first time since lock-down and it was better than I had expected. I had to queue to get in , but only for a few minutes and I was lucky that the sun was shining whilst I did so, which made it quite an easy and pleasant experience. The shopping itself was fine, and I was served by a lovely, friendly sales assistant.

I have been continuing to work on my allotment and am happy to say that my seedlings are coming on well. We had a bit of a mishap with the climbing french beans but I planted some more which are now coming up so all is not lost!

This weekend there is a virtual astrology summit running organised by the astrology university. It is free to join and to watch live or up to 24 hours after each talk. Thank you astrology university for arranging this summit.

Astrologer’s Diary Sunday April 19th – Saturday April 25th

Thursday 23rd April

Today we start a new lunar cycle as we had a new moon in Taurus at 3.26 this morning. What do you want to start this month? Taurus is a creative, sensual sign and it is very determined. So it is good time to start something and commit to it.

Sunday 19th April

Today has been lovely here in Norfolk, beautiful bright sun but a very sharp wind. Luckily I found a little corner of my garden where I could hide out of the wind and in the sun. I’ve been busy potting on lots of veg seedlings which have been crowding our windowsills. They are now slowly going out into the polytunnel and I hope they will do OK. They are quite delicate little babies at the moment. They don’t like the wind or the cold and have to be handled with care, so I hope I have been gentle enough with them. We have cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and various squashes.

Today the sun moves from the first sign of the zodiac, Aries into the second sign of the zodiac; Taurus. This is a fixed sign, determined and creative. Taureans are very loyal, my best friend is a Taurus and we have been mates since school- a long time ago now! So I would like to wish all the Taureans a happy birthday. I hope you can find an enjoyable way to acknowledge your birthdays, cake is as good as any !! I love this time of year, it is such a beautiful season with all the flowering trees and shrubs blossoming and the hedges and trees turning green.

Blackthorn and oak

Astrologer’s Diary Sunday April 12th – Saturday April 18th

Saturday April 18th

We are still on lockdown here in the UK and now know that this will continue until at least May 7th. I do consider myself to be very fortunate in that we live in the country with a garden and an allotment. My heart goes out to those of you who can’t get outside.

On the whole this week, the weather has been good and my hubby and I have been going for walks watching everything come out into full bloom. The apples and bluebells are blooming in our small garden and our neighbour’s cherry tree is beautiful at the moment. I do enjoy these clear nights, as it is a fantastic time to see Venus which is so bright at the moment and clearly visible until well after sunset. If you can, look to the west to see it in all its brilliance. Did you know that the apple is part of the rose family and therefore connected to the goddess of love Venus? When you cut into an apple you get a 5 pointed star associated with Venus.

Apple blossom

I have the moon in Cancer, which makes me quite a domesticated home bird at heart, and over the years, I have had plenty of practice at putting food on the table. Since lock down, I have been cooking my way through the random stock of food that was (and still is) lurking in our cupboard. A while back my son had a bit of a Japanese phase and persuaded us to buy a job lot of sushi rice. He then made some sushi but the rest of it had been languishing in the cupboard for a good while. I decided to tackle it and discovered it can be used to make decent risotto! I also found a pot of elderly coconut which I have taken to adding to my porridge. It’s nice and chewy first thing in the morning!

Astrologer’s Diary Sunday April 5th – Saturday April 11th

Saturday 11th April

Today is Easter Saturday but not as we know it! No trips out or family visits. Luckily though I managed to get an Easter egg for my son before lock down so at least the Easter bunny can visit and bring choccie so all is not lost. Our hens are laying so we can get real eggs which is nice.

Easter eggs, symbols of new life.

Do you know how Easter is calculated? It is the first Sunday after the full moon after the spring equinox. So we have to work backwards. This year, the spring equinox was on Friday March 20th. This was on a waning moon and the next full moon was on Wednesday 8th April, did you see it ? It was beautiful and very bright as it was a supermoon- close to the earth in its cycle. This moon was in Libra, the sign of relationships and balance and harmony opposite the sun in assertive Aries. This full moon is always a good time to asses our relationships with others and see how we interact. At the moment this is quite challenging and I know lots of people are apart from their loved ones whereas others may be seeing a little too much of theirs!

Also today, 11th April, Mercury planet of communication moves out of vague, mystical Pisces into direct assertive Aries. So this is a time to say what you mean, though do temper it with some Venusian grace if you can! Venus planet of love, grace and charm is in Gemini which is ruled by Mercury.

Mercury the messenger

Sunday 29th March – Saturday April 4th

Saturday 4th April

Day 12 of lock down and the restrictions continue. We are keeping to the rules, but I am feeling so fortunate here. The weather has been sunny if a little windy and we have been going for regular walks most days. We live out in the wilds and have a very beautiful lane just on our doorstep which we have been walking along quite regularly. It is lovely to see all the trees and flowers burst into life.

Horse chestnut tree

We are also lucky to have a village shop which I must admit to supporting more since lock down. I was very happy when I discovered they had tinned custard and malt loaf! They let people in two at a time and we all have to do a pas de deux of avoidance but it works well. Thank goodness too for contactless payment, that makes life easier.

Last week, I was invited by a five rhythms dance facilitator to join him in an online 5 rhythms of the wave, moving meditation dance session. It had been quite a long while since I had danced with him. He used to come to a village in North Norfolk just up the road from me and I attended his sessions for several years. Sadly, about two years ago, he decided to stop coming to Norfolk as he was not having enough people attend his classes and he travelled quite a long way to run them.

Well, 49 people showed up to the virtual session, we tuned in from our homes from all over the UK and we had an online dance and it worked and I loved it. So did everyone else by the look of it because yesterday there were 57! I’m looking forward to next week! So keep safe in these very difficult times and thank you to all the people who are working so hard to keep the country going.

Friday 3rd April,

Today Venus, planet of love, relationships and pleasure moves into chatty, media savvy Gemini yesterday. Gemini also rules your immediate neighbourhood and shops. , the internet and social media -there are lots of messages flying around at the moment. I really appreciate modern technology , it is brilliant for connecting us all and I am impressed by how inventive people are being. I am certainly having my technological knowledge challenged and expanded!


Tuesday 31st March

Today Mars which has been gaining on Saturn, is making an exact conjunction (at the same degree of the zodiac) to the heavy weight task master planet. This is a challenging aspect, as Mars wants to act and Saturn wants to control, and it is a frustrating time. Unfortunately, there are many people who are overworking out of necessity, doing a wonderful job keeping the rest of the country afloat. This is exhausting and incredibly demanding for them.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Mars-conjunct-Saturn-1024x426.jpg
Mars conjunct Saturn

Paradoxically, there are also as many other people who have suddenly found themselves unable to work as their industries have ground to a halt. I know some of them have managed to find work in the vital industries, this in itself must be a challenge, being thrown in at the deep end.

Overall, it appears that the best way forward is to continue to be controlled and patient, pace ourselves, be realistic and keep going. This is all easier said than done. On a lighter – or at this rate, heavier note I must admit to hitting the custard creams quite hard this week, uh oh! So far my jeans still do up, it is a good job I only bought one packet of biscuits. I read an article by an Italian lady and she said we would we eat whilst in lock down and she was right!

Monday 30th March

Well it’s day 7 of the UK’s lockdown and yesterday I decided to paint on a load of stones that I had collected a while back. I decorated each one with an astrological glyph including all the planets and several planetary aspects. I had a lovely time painting away whilst listening to old favourites such as Gerry Rafferty and Eva Cassidy. A morning well spent I think!

painting in progress

I have started to photograph these stones and upload them onto my computer. This has turned into quite a big job, mainly because I had a ton of photos on my phone which desperately needed sorting and culling. After beginning to sort through them systematically I came to the realization that I mainly photograph food, the moon, flowers, the cat, beaches and occasionally my husband! I can now add stones which I have painted to my list of photographic favourites.

Today Mars, planet of action, passion and anger has moved from practical Capricorn into airy Aquarius. So this could lead to feelings of rebellion and a need for freedom. On the plus side, it can also encourage us to act out of consideration for others. At the moment the news and social media are full of stories of people doing just that. Here in the UK there has been a huge response to Government’s request for volunteers to help with the NHS, delivering medicines, telephoning vulnerable people , etc.

Mars is also the planet of war and I have heard the term ‘fighting the virus’ used regularly. The fight against this virus continues and we cannot let up!

Just a note, if you can get a view of the South Eastern horizon tomorrow morning 31st March-before it gets light then look out for Mars Saturn and Jupiter all together. The sun rises at 6.37 am so you will need to be an early riser.

Sunday 29th March

Last week was a very unusual and challenging one as this invisible killer of a disease is taking a grip here in the UK.

Saturn planet of responsibly and restriction

I was getting quite scared at the beginning of last week but I am relieved to say that my anxiety levels have settled down, thank goodness and we are observing the restrictions set in place by the government. We are lucky, we are all still well at the moment in our family and my hubby works from home. We also live in rural Norfolk so we can get out and walk in our local countryside. Even my son who is never keen on the out doors has been for a walk or two! I think even he got tired of the internet – no surely not!

We also had lovely weather last week, and we’ve been working in our veggie plot, it has never looked so tidy! Today we went out for our daily Boris walk and even though the wind was cutting we still got a bit of sun. The black thorn is coming out, sprinkling the hedgerows with white blossom.

I have had a few firsts this week-

I attended an online new moon drum session via Zoom -well I tried to, I got in OK and the lady who runs it was just about to start when my internet connection went down. Still, it was an initiation into Zoom which is great by the way! If you don’t know it is an online forum where people can meet up and run groups etc. It has suddenly become very popular!

I attended an online 5 rhythms class via Zoom and manged to last the whole session, that was fun prancing around my kitchen with 48 other virtual participants. My son nearly joined me then decided against it!

I bought vegetables and fruit from my local farm shop in lockdown by passing my order and money through the window and then waiting for them to make it up for me. Luckily it was a lovely warm morning so I sat in the sun in their yard- 6 feet away from the other customers waiting for my order. It was all very calm and organised. I even met one of my neighbours who I hadn’t seen for a while and we had a socially distanced chat.

Astrologically, on 21st March Saturn, planet of restrictions, rules and reality moved from earthy practical Capricorn where it has been for two and a half years, into society orientated Aquarius. It will be in Aquarius for the next two and a half years. How will this pan out?

Well, right now, this is certainly a time for us all to behave responsibly. We have to restrict (Saturn) our social interactions (Aquarius) for own own safety and those of other people. A lot of people who are not key workers are suddenly not working. We are all now very reliant upon our NHS which we need to protect as it is doing a fantastic job through incredibly challenging times.

A few weeks ago it would have seemed unbelievable to be in lock down but here we are. I know some people find these social distancing rules very difficult whereas others are enjoying the peace and time to relax. I would definitely struggle if I couldn’t get outside, I am lucky to have access to outside space. Also, we don’t know how long this is going to take, Saturn takes its time.

I am also very impressed with how inventive and adaptable people are. The internet is certainly getting a lot of use at the moment and that is associated with the sign of Aquarius as it is new technology. I for one am very grateful to the internet. I also know that quite a lot of us have had to overcome our fears (Saturn) of using technology in order to connect with people in the virtual world.

Another Aquarian theme which has arisen in this crisis is kindnesses and a sense of community. There is a strong sense that we are all in this together and are all helping one another. Long may this sense of camaraderie continue in this very scary and difficult time.

Talking of kindness, I would like to thank all the people who are working so hard in this crisis to keep to the rest of us going, all carers, everyone in the NHS, all the undertakers, police, food producers, shop workers, lorry drivers, delivery drivers, post workers, electricity, water, phone workers, refuse collectors, and everyone else who is just getting on with their vital work.

Thank you.

Sunday 22nd March – Saturday 28th March

Tuesday 24th March

Today is the new moon in Aries, when the sun and the Moon join together in the sky and a new cycle starts and what a new cycle! Unprecedented is the word that many people have been using. Today the UK has gone into lock down to try and combat this virus which is sweeping the world. It is very scary and a month ago here in the UK we were thinking about the physical storms, not a health storm. Luckily the weather has been lovely and we have thrown ourselves into gardening here in rural Norfolk.

We are very lucky to have a plot of land to grow our veggies on and we have a poly tunnel and share some chickens with our neighbours.

Sunday and Monday moving fruit bushes and preparing our seed beds in readiness to plant the seeds which I bought last Thursday when it was looking pretty clear that a UK lock-down was imminent.

This afternoon I had a new moon fire and burnt a load of old pallets, garden rubbish and bits of wood that had accumulated over the winter. It was appropriate Aries; is a fire sign and it was very therapeutic I must admit to feeling quite stressed about this virus and how its affecting everyone. Just sitting on the bench watching the flames engulf the wood and feeling the heat creep into my legs felt very reassuring.

I came back to the house stinking of smoke! After washing myself and all my clothes I felt cleansed physically and emotionally. My new moon commitment for this month is to nurture my support system; that my family, friends, home, body and community. We certainly can’t go rushing around all over the place, we need to have a new way of connecting with each other, thank goodness for the internet in all its many forms!

New Moon in Aries – Fire