Sunday 6th September- Saturday 12th September

Sunday 6th September

At the moment it is a great time for sky watching. If you are an early bird( which I am not!) then I am reliably informed that Venus is shining brightly in the morning. Look to the east before sunrise to get a good sighting.

If you are more of an evening person then Saturn and Jupiter are putting on a great show all night, look to the south for two bright objects, Jupiter is to the right (west) of Saturn and is brighter, it is a lot nearer! I really enjoy observing them and night on night they are gradually moving closer together.

Mars the red planet is beautiful at the moment. Last night I was lucky enough to get to see it rising next to the waning gibbous moon.My hubby came with me and we went up the lane in the gloaming hanging around waiting for them both to rise, and we weren’t disappointed. I managed to get a photo of them later in the evening when they had risen clear of the horizon. I stood in the road to get it, my cat followed me out and looked at me quizzically wondering what I was up to as she slunk off into the silvered night.

The moon and Mars are still close together tonight and worth a look, the moon rises at 21.24 tonight if you fancy hanging around in the dark looking at the eastern horizon. The red dot close to it is Mars which will rise slightly before the moon as it is now ahead (to the west ) of it in the zodiac.Happy planet spotting!

Astrologically, today, Venus planet of love moves from homely, nurturing Cancer into dramatic, creative Leo. Time to shine! Get creative, dust down your paint pots and brushes and express yourself. You never know, I may even put on a bit of lippie!

Moon and Mars in the east, rising above our neighbours’ chimney pots last night.

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