Sunday August 16th- Saturday August 22nd

Thursday 20th August

As it was drier today I had my new moon fire- the wood was damp because I forgot to cover it. Yesterday’s rain got it well and truly soggy. Never mind, the fire was smoky and reluctant but worthwhile. Today was rather windy so perhaps it was just as well that the wood and twigs were damp or things could have got quite excitable!

My plants loved the rain and have perked up no end, we do water them regularly but you can’t beat a good proper soaking.

Wednesday 19th August

Leo the lion passionate and determined.

Today is the new moon in Leo. Since the beginning of lockdown in March I have got into the habit of having a new moon fire on my allotment. As luck would have it, after all this heat and sun, it was very wet today so I didn’t do it . I will try tomorrow-as I do like to mark the turning of the lunar months.

New moons are a good time for new starts, I like to look back to see what I started the previous month and review it. What was my intention for last month? Did I do what I wanted to do? How did it work out? Do I want to adjust, continue or start something new?

This new moon is a fiery one with sun and moon in Leo making a positive aspect to go getting mars in fiery Aries. They are also both making a positive aspect to the moon’s north node in the third fire sign; far reaching Sagittarius. So this month is a good time to set goals regarding your actions and passions. Talking about action, I have finally been able to return to my exercise classes after a long break. I enjoyed it but was a bit rickety the next day! Still, I am determined to carry on.

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