Sunday July 5th – Saturday July 11th

We start this week with a full moon and another lunar eclipse this is the final one in a series of three in a row, the first on 5th June, was a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. Then on June 21st at the new moon we had a lunar eclipse in Cancer and now we have a lunar eclipse on the full moon in Capricorn. The last two are the final pair in the series of eclipses in that have been running for two and a half years. The emphasis of this Cancer and Capricorn axis focused on our homes and emotions versus our work and societal structure. With the lunar nodes and the eclipses moving into the Sagittarius Gemini axis, the focus is shifting to communication and ideas.

This eclipse will just about be visible in the UK, it occurs in the early hours of the morning just before moon set. It is a penumbral eclipse meaning that it is not total and only a slight shadow falls on the moon. You will need to get up early and look to the south west to see the full moon sinking below the horizon. It sets at 4.44 a.m so only a slight shadow will be visible. This is just before sunrise which is 04.50. If the weather is clear it will be a good sight if you can tear yourself away from your bed early!

The moon’s glyph

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