Sunday July 19th – Saturday July 26th

Monday 20th July

Today we have a new moon in Cancer. It is the second consecutive new moon in Cancer. Last month’s one was an eclipse at 0 degrees of Cancer and this month’s one is at 28 degrees of Cancer. Two new moons in the same astrological sign happens occasionally. Both these new moons have a similar flavour, emphasizing issues around home and family and our instincts and emotions. However, Saturn is exactly opposing this new moon emphasizing issues regarding our responsibility and our social standing and career versus our home and family are likely to be highlighted again. This is a familiar theme as it follows a long running pattern which has been going all year of Saturn Jupiter and Pluto all in responsible rule orientated Capricorn. (Saturn has had a four month foray into airy Aquarius but has returned to Capricorn until mid December this year. Then it will finally move into Aquarius for the next two years or so.) At the moment Jupiter and Saturn are both clearly visible in the sky all night and Saturn is at its brightest tonight. They are definitely worth a look, they are fairly low in the South after dark, moving slowly West throughout the night.

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