Sunday July 26th – Saturday August 1st

Sunday 26th July

I’ve discovered there are some advantages to being menopausal and waking in the night! That is, I get to see planets at times which I didn’t get to see before. This morning I woke really and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I had missed comet Neowise cos it was too light for that, but I sat on the stairs and looked out of my east facing landing widow and got a fabulous view of beautiful bright Venus shining in the blue predawn sky.

Sunday July 19th – Saturday July 26th

Monday 20th July

Today we have a new moon in Cancer. It is the second consecutive new moon in Cancer. Last month’s one was an eclipse at 0 degrees of Cancer and this month’s one is at 28 degrees of Cancer. Two new moons in the same astrological sign happens occasionally. Both these new moons have a similar flavour, emphasizing issues around home and family and our instincts and emotions. However, Saturn is exactly opposing this new moon emphasizing issues regarding our responsibility and our social standing and career versus our home and family are likely to be highlighted again. This is a familiar theme as it follows a long running pattern which has been going all year of Saturn Jupiter and Pluto all in responsible rule orientated Capricorn. (Saturn has had a four month foray into airy Aquarius but has returned to Capricorn until mid December this year. Then it will finally move into Aquarius for the next two years or so.) At the moment Jupiter and Saturn are both clearly visible in the sky all night and Saturn is at its brightest tonight. They are definitely worth a look, they are fairly low in the South after dark, moving slowly West throughout the night.

Sunday 12th July- Saturday 18th July

Wednesday 15th July

Have you been able to do any sky watching lately? The weather here has been patchy, with some clear spells. I am lucky enough to say that I have had a couple of great sightings, mainly due to the clear weather and the fact that I am a lady of a certain age and often wake up very hot in the night! I have discovered that this does have its advantages in terms of sky watching, but one has to be quiet so as not to disturb the rest of the household who are not quite so keen on spotting planets and comets at silly o’clock!

My sky spotting successes are; Monday morning I saw the waning crescent moon and Venus rising in the East. They were both very bright and this is the first time I have seen Venus as a morning ‘star’. It moves from being visible in the evening to being visible in the morning. It started its new cycle as a morning star with a conjunction with the sun in early June. Yesterday morning 14th July they made an exact conjunction. This is the first of seven visible junctions over the next seven months of Venus and the waning moon. The good news is that these conjunctions will get progressively later in the morning each month here in the northern hemisphere as we move towards the autumn and winter. So by the time we get to November we won’t have to be creeping around in the middle of the night to see the conjunction!

The moon and Venus.

Sunday 12th July

The summer moves on and Mercury turns direct today Sunday 12th July. Mercury is the communication planet so if you have been having communication hiccups things should move a bit more easily from today.

Talking of communication, yesterday Chris Mitchell delivered his talk about medieval astrology to the Norfolk Astrology group. It was excellent and went down very well, so thank you Chris. That is one good thing to have come out of lock-down, the amount of on line events which re springing-up. It certainly gives us more flexibility as an astrology group- our Norfolk group was attended by people in Norfolk but also Scotland, Derbyshire and Sussex. We are going to do further online meetings, so please look out on my events page for dates. Everyone interested in astrology is welcome.

Mercury planet of communication

Sunday July 5th – Saturday July 11th

We start this week with a full moon and another lunar eclipse this is the final one in a series of three in a row, the first on 5th June, was a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. Then on June 21st at the new moon we had a lunar eclipse in Cancer and now we have a lunar eclipse on the full moon in Capricorn. The last two are the final pair in the series of eclipses in that have been running for two and a half years. The emphasis of this Cancer and Capricorn axis focused on our homes and emotions versus our work and societal structure. With the lunar nodes and the eclipses moving into the Sagittarius Gemini axis, the focus is shifting to communication and ideas.

This eclipse will just about be visible in the UK, it occurs in the early hours of the morning just before moon set. It is a penumbral eclipse meaning that it is not total and only a slight shadow falls on the moon. You will need to get up early and look to the south west to see the full moon sinking below the horizon. It sets at 4.44 a.m so only a slight shadow will be visible. This is just before sunrise which is 04.50. If the weather is clear it will be a good sight if you can tear yourself away from your bed early!

The moon’s glyph