Sunday 28th June- Saturday July 4th

This week is another busy one astrologically. Today Mars, planet of action move into its own sign – go getting Aries. It has been in vague, gentle watery Pisces since May 13th and does not function very effectively there. When Mars is in Pisces, actions are often foggy and confused and things rarely move directly. The upside is that this is a good placement for defending the oppressed and acting on our ideals and principles.

From today, with active Mars in passionate, proactive Aries, the green light may be going on and our actions should carry a bit more oomph. However be aware that this is a time for reflection and revision as there are a lot of planets going retrograde, back tracking through the zodiac, these are; Mercury planet of communication, Jupiter, planet of belief and expansion, Saturn planet of rules and realism, Neptune, planet of illusion and compassion and Pluto, planet of deep transformation.

On Tuesday 30th June Jupiter planet of expansion meets up with Pluto, planet of transformation. This meeting is the second of three meet ups; the first was on 4th April and then both planets were direct, this week we have a retrograde conjunction and on November 12 we have the final direct conjunction. These all occur in Capricorn, the sign of business and responsibility. April 4th most of the world was in lockdown, now things are slowly opening up, but it is still a time to be cautious and not let our impatience get the better of us.

Jupiter, planet of expansion, he was the Greek Zeus – king of the gods

Finally this week Saturn, planet of rules and restrictions makes a final foray back into his home territory of the sign Capricorn. It is interesting to note that Saturn left Capricorn in March and moved into its airy zodiac neighbour, Aquarius on 22nd March just as most of the world was locking down in response to the coronavirus. Here in the UK we locked down on 24th March 2020. Aquarius is the sign of freedom and change, new ideas and the collective. Our freedoms were severely restricted in lockdown and yet we saw a lot of kindness, generosity and compassion at this time. There was a strong sense of community as people pulled together in this crisis. I am happy to say that this is still going on as we work together to help each other. We also have seen a lot of ingenuity, and Aquarius is a very inventive sign; many business have adapted their services so they can still continue to trade. Locally to us, there are many local business who have adapted, we have a farm shop, a take away and tea rooms who now take orders and serve from their windows, our pub does take aways and deliveries and this works really well. Saturn will continue to back track through Capricorn until September 29th when it stations direct at 25 degrees of Capricorn and then moves forward to complete its cycle through its own sign. It finally leaves Capricorn on December 17th to travel through Aquarius for the next two and a half years. The new normal is arriving!

Sunday 21st June- Saturday 27th June

Today Sunday 21st June at 07.39 BST we have an eclipse. It is a solar eclipse on the new moon in Cancer. Eclipses usually come in pairs and some like this one come in threes! This lunar eclipse falls between two lunar eclipses; the first one was two weeks ago on June 5th at the full moon Sagittarius. The next one is in two weeks time at the next full moon in Capricorn on July 5th.

Today’s eclipse is not visible here in the UK. However, it is very close to the summer solstice and signifies a turning point; a time to reflect and to look back over the last three months. They have been extraordinarily difficult as most of the world was locked down around the spring equinox in March.

Eclipses always signify ends and new beginnings and this one more than most. It is the last one in the watery sign of sensitive emotional Cancer. It is also the penultimate in a series of eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn which have been going on for two and a half years. The final eclipse in this series is the upcoming lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5th. These eclipses have been highlighting issues regarding our habits, homes and instincts versus our work and social responsibility.

Change is upon us and the eclipses are moving out of Cancer and Capricorn into the mutable changeable signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. This indicates a shift of emphasis to issues surrounding communication, education, travel, both local and international. This shift has already started as the lunar eclipse on June 5th was the first one in this series as it fell in free thinking, wide ranging Sagittarius. Education, travel and communication are being severely hit and challenged in this crisis, so look out for more change and adaptations over the next two and a half years.

Sunday 14th June – Saturday 20th June

Saturday 20th June

This weekend is a one busy astrologically, firstly, today 20th June, it is the solstice when the sun ‘stands still’ and reaches zero degrees of Cancer. Then tomorrow, Sunday 21st June we have a solar eclipse on the new moon in Cancer.

Here in the northern hemisphere we have the summer solstice when the sun is at its highest point in the sky, giving us the longest day with the most daylight. Usually, this is a time of celebration, to know we have reached the height of the year.

This year, we can’t celebrate it in the usual manner, and indeed, some of you may not feel like celebrating as there has been a lot of loss and suffering this year. However, humans are adaptable and if you feel like marking it, there are still ways that you can do this. This year the solstice celebrations are being live streamed at Stonehenge as it is not open to the public like it usually is. This is open to all. I like to mark this passing of the seasons and am hoping to have a small fire on my allotment.

In the Southern hemisphere, it is the shortest day and mid winter an equally important date. Wherever you are in this beautiful world, it is definitely a turning point in this unusual year.

Friday 19th June

Change is definitely in the air, with a solar eclipse and the summer solstice coming up this weekend. There is certainly change in our household today as my son is returning to school! He is going in one day a week. This is the first time since March, up until now he has been doing all (and he has a lot) of his school work at home. I took him in this morning and everything is very different from before. He usually takes the bus and he did have that option but we decided it would be nicer if I drove him there. The car park was eerily quiet, it s usually chaotic and the students were not in uniform. I hope it all goes well, socially distanced education is a whole new ball game for everyone.

At the moment Mars, planet of action is in dreamy confused Pisces (not its favourite place) and to make matters foggier, it is close to dreamy Neptune- the ruler of Pisces. They made an exact conjunction on Sunday, June 13th. So this suggests that things may not go how we expect them to, especially as we may be very idealistic right now. So we need to be adaptable, patient and allow situations to unfold. Added to that mercury, planet of communication turned retrograde yesterday, 18th June . It does this when it heads up for a conjunction with the sun and moves from being visible in the evening to being visible in the morning. This is the infamous Mercury retrograde, a time of re visiting and adapting. Mercury is also in water sign, Cancer the crab. Crabs are indirect and tend to move sideways, so this adds to the need to be patient and to feel our way through this situation.

Sunday June 7th – Saturday June 13th

Thursday June 11th

I have some great news! On the strength of the success of Saturday’s Norfolk astrology group meeting I have another date for your diaries- 2pm Saturday July 11th. Astrologer Chris Mitchell is speaking to our group via zoom

Introduction to Medieval Astrology
This event is free, you will require the zoom link. Please PM this page or Claire Manion to receive the link.

As modern astrologers, we’re used to drawing up charts in seconds on a computer, and using numerous techniques, outer planet transits and a psychological language to work with our clients. Ours is a rich and subtle art. How, then, did medieval astrologers manage with just seven planets and five aspects? Was theirs simply a limited cut-down version of what we have available to us in modern astrology?

In this talk, Chris Mitchell will demonstrate some of the richness of medieval astrology. Despite the lack of outer planets and modern techniques, medieval astrologers had a surprisingly large toolkit of methods lost to modern astrology: dignity, almutens, Arabic Parts, lunations and profections, to name but a few. The recent resurgence of modern translations of ancient texts mean these fascinating methods have been rediscovered, so find out how you can use them today to enrich your own astrological readings.

A bit about Chris Mitchell…

Chris Mitchell has a PhD from the University of Leicester on the topic of medieval astrology, is a tutor on the MA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology course at the University of Wales, and holds a diploma in Medieval Astrology from Astrologos. He has been actively involved in promoting and teaching astrology for 20 years, is on the board of the Astrological Association, and has given talks to groups and conferences in Europe and the US.

Sunday June 7th

I am happy to say the Norfolk Astrology Association had its first Zoom meeting which was a success. As is often the way, a couple of participants had technical troubles but overall, we manged to hold it together! I spoke about Mercury and lead a guided visualization focusing on the messenger of the gods. I think it went down well.

We had 9 participants from further afield than Norfolk, that’s the joy of the internet! I would particularly like to thank Chris Mitchell from the Astrological Association who zoom hosted the group for us and offered his advice. He also joined us for the whole session. We want to meet again online, so watch this space!

Sunday May 31st – Saturday June 6th

Wednesday 3rd June,

Today we have a great astrological event as Venus, planet of love stars a new cycle in sociable Gemini; this begins with an interior conjunction with the sun which is invisible from the earth. It marks the start of a 19 month cycle and also it is part of a larger 8 year cycle. So it is worth looking back to what you were doing 8 years ago. Are there any themes running through your life, particularly in relation to relationships and love. Venus moves from an evening’star’ to a morning ‘star’ . From mid June onwards, early risers will be rewarded with the sight of Venus setting out on her maiden voyage across our morning skies. It is great time to appreciate all the beauty in this world and to look at all our relationships, including how we treat ourselves.

Venus planet of love