Sunday May 17th – Saturday May 23rd

Friday 22nd May

Today we have a new moon in Gemini when the moon meets up with the sun. This indicates a new lunar cycle and Venus, planet of love and values is in Gemini suggesting that this cycle is one where creativity can be shared. Mercury, planet of communication rules Gemini and Mercury is all about communicating ideas. What new ideas do you want to air as we welcome in the summer? New moons are always a good time to set intentions. Do you have any? Mine is to listen more to what other people say… I am also going to embrace technology with the astrology group on 6th June. The sun will be in Gemini and that is very mercurial, discussing ideas over the internet. Please contact me if you would like to join us.

Wednesday 20th May

The sun moves from slow, sensual earthy Taurus into bright changeable Gemini. It is definitely time for a change of pace and Geminis get bored easily, so that is why they like to tease us lesser mortals and keep us on our toes, or in my case, run rings round me! Happy birthday to all you Geminis, look out for some fun.

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