Sunday 3rd May – Saturday 9th May

Tuesday 5th May

For those of you who like sky watching Venus is beautiful at the moment. It is so bright, look to the West after sunset and that bright diamond is Venus, planet of love! Make the most of the view at is soon disappearing from our evening skies to make a conjunction with the sun on 3rd June.

Venus – goddess of love.

The moon is growing in strength too and is visible in the late afternoon and evening as a waxing gibbous.

Waxing gibbous moon and hedgerow – rural Norfolk UK 04/05/20

Monday 4th May

Here in the UK we are entering our seventh week in lock down and in our household we are settling in to it reasonably OK. Our consumption of chocolate has definitely gone up, and occasionally we take it in turns to have stir crazy moments, but on the whole we are managing to hold it together.

I am pleased to say that this week two groups who had to cancel my talks due to COVID 19 have rebooked me for 2021 so that’s good news! Thank you.

I am also happy that this week, I have a few new and interesting ‘virtual’ events to attend; Firstly, the Astrological Association is running a session for all local astrology group organizers to show us how to use Zoom. I hope I can get the hang of it with the idea of moving the Norfolk Astrology Association meetings online for the duration of the social restrictions.

Secondly, I have been invited to a group session by Dianne Mannering who runs a website advertising speakers for local groups. My talks are on there under Norfolk and she is introducing us speakers to an online platform for our talks, so I am going to attend that too. I hope I can look at delivering my astrology talks online.

On Thursday 7th May it is the full moon in Scorpio and I am joining an online moon group of women connecting to the energy of the full moon for a womb blessing with Miranda Gray. I am looking forward to that too. Thank goodness for the internet to keep me connected and

our allotment and garden to keep me grounded and for sugary carbs to keep me happy!

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