Sunday May 24th – Saturday May 30th 2020

Sunday 24th May

Despite having a (small) garden and living in the countryside, for which I am very grateful. I have been feeling a bit stir crazy this week, perhaps it is my restless Sagittarius spirit. So my husband suggested we go a bit further afield than we had been doing in lockdown. We have a lovely bluebell wood near us which I hadn’t visited due to the lockdown. However, this week as the restrictions have been lifted a bit, we walked there, the route involves going along rather a rough track which we managed to negotiate safely, if rather slowly.

The bluebells were over, but it was well worth the walk. In terms of people, the wood was quieter than I had anticipated; we saw 2 other couples. In terms of wild life it was very active; we listened to the loud call of a chiff chaff, and watched the dainty blue tits and long tailed tits flit through the trees. We took a picnic and ate it in a lovely clearing which sheltered us from the wind whilst we admired the dragonflies. We managed to avoid the rain showers and returned invigorated.

A view into the canopy of the trees on our walk.

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