Sunday May 10th – Saturday May 16th

Thursday May 14th

I hope you are keeping OK throughout these very difficult times. I am pleased to say that I have some good news; Norfolk Astrology Association is embracing technology! We are having our first meeting since lock-down using Zoom. I would like to thank Chris from the Astrology Association who has set our first meeting up for us and is hosting it on his Zoom account.

Our meeting is on Saturday 6th June and starts at 2pm. The theme for this meeting is Mercury and will be lead by me, Claire. I will start with a discussion about Mercury’s current placement then move onto a guided visualization on Mercury. This will be followed by a feed back and discussion session. Please dig out your birth chart details so you can look at and discuss Mercury within your chart.

‘Doors’ will open about 15 minutes earlier, to get everyone settled in. I look forward to seeing you there. If you would like to join us, please contact me Claire Manion via PM or email and I will email you the link.

The joy of this is, that you don’t need to be in Norfolk to join us, all you need is a phone/ laptop/ computer and an internet connection and you can join us from anywhere!

Mercury the messenger

Monday 11th May

Today, Mercury planet of communication, moves into witty Gemini which is one of the two signs that it rules. The other is Virgo. Mercury is very happy in Gemini and incredibly fast and changeable. It whizzes through this sign and will move into sensitive Cancer at the end of this month on 28th May.

So for the next 17 days or so, expect communication to speed up whilst mercury is skipping lightly through its own sign, it is definitely in familiar territory. This is the time to get to grips with all that writing, thinking and chatting. I am hoping to arrange an online meeting of our local astrology group- the Norfolk Astrology Association.

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