Astrologer’s Diary Sunday April 5th – Saturday April 11th

Saturday 11th April

Today is Easter Saturday but not as we know it! No trips out or family visits. Luckily though I managed to get an Easter egg for my son before lock down so at least the Easter bunny can visit and bring choccie so all is not lost. Our hens are laying so we can get real eggs which is nice.

Easter eggs, symbols of new life.

Do you know how Easter is calculated? It is the first Sunday after the full moon after the spring equinox. So we have to work backwards. This year, the spring equinox was on Friday March 20th. This was on a waning moon and the next full moon was on Wednesday 8th April, did you see it ? It was beautiful and very bright as it was a supermoon- close to the earth in its cycle. This moon was in Libra, the sign of relationships and balance and harmony opposite the sun in assertive Aries. This full moon is always a good time to asses our relationships with others and see how we interact. At the moment this is quite challenging and I know lots of people are apart from their loved ones whereas others may be seeing a little too much of theirs!

Also today, 11th April, Mercury planet of communication moves out of vague, mystical Pisces into direct assertive Aries. So this is a time to say what you mean, though do temper it with some Venusian grace if you can! Venus planet of love, grace and charm is in Gemini which is ruled by Mercury.

Mercury the messenger

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