Astrologer’s Diary Sunday April 12th – Saturday April 18th

Saturday April 18th

We are still on lockdown here in the UK and now know that this will continue until at least May 7th. I do consider myself to be very fortunate in that we live in the country with a garden and an allotment. My heart goes out to those of you who can’t get outside.

On the whole this week, the weather has been good and my hubby and I have been going for walks watching everything come out into full bloom. The apples and bluebells are blooming in our small garden and our neighbour’s cherry tree is beautiful at the moment. I do enjoy these clear nights, as it is a fantastic time to see Venus which is so bright at the moment and clearly visible until well after sunset. If you can, look to the west to see it in all its brilliance. Did you know that the apple is part of the rose family and therefore connected to the goddess of love Venus? When you cut into an apple you get a 5 pointed star associated with Venus.

Apple blossom

I have the moon in Cancer, which makes me quite a domesticated home bird at heart, and over the years, I have had plenty of practice at putting food on the table. Since lock down, I have been cooking my way through the random stock of food that was (and still is) lurking in our cupboard. A while back my son had a bit of a Japanese phase and persuaded us to buy a job lot of sushi rice. He then made some sushi but the rest of it had been languishing in the cupboard for a good while. I decided to tackle it and discovered it can be used to make decent risotto! I also found a pot of elderly coconut which I have taken to adding to my porridge. It’s nice and chewy first thing in the morning!

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